I:Cube Novamix

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Nov-26-2007

It’s time to give you something you won’t find on other blogs.

I Cube is a french electronic music producer. As a huge French House fan, i always loved his touch, even if i honestly don’t like all of his productions. Without a doubt, he is the type of producer that experiments a lot with the sounds, so it is normal that sometimes his music becomes too abstract, at least for my taste. But this is not the case here.


This dj set recorded live at Radio Nova, France, proves his qualities. The set was recorded some years ago, about in 1999 i think, but is still actual in my opinion. It was probably ahead of his time, as many French productions in the late 90′s and the first years of 2k were (and many were not ;-)).

Cube starts the set with a David Axelrod tune, then spins some dope classic funk edits (of which i can’t get the titles – anyone knows the original track names?), and finally throws in some of his productions: deep house sounds keepin a funky attitude. A very interesting and original session, let me know how you feel it!


What i like most in this set is the “crescendo”, like in classical music: starting slow, with soft sounds, very easy to listen, and then incrementing the speed and the hardness of the sounds, leading to a loud and chaotic conclusion. Taking the audience on such a trip is a trick of true dj wizardry, no doubt.

Listen I:CUBE live on Novamix!

I added two bonus tracks at the end of the mix: a track by French act Rinocerose and one by Timbo feat. Ginuwine – a Prince cover! Nothin to do with french music but dope indeed. Enjoy!

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  1. Rythmik says:

    This is off tha hook..thanks so much for putting this mix up…great post

  2. ilmago says:

    The name speaks for itself… this is music for fucking informatic engeneers!

  3. to Rythmik:

    Thanx for dropping a comment man!

    Finally there’s somebody else who digs this great set! I was afraid of being the only one.

    I hope to get the tracklist sooner or later…any ideas?


  4. to Ilmago:

    your english is getting worse every day… at least computer engineers know how to speak properly.

    plus, I discovered french house 8 years before Kanye! And these tunes are far, far better than the one he used! ;)

  5. ilmago says:

    Ih ih… honestly I didn’t liked that Kanye track… I wish I can get my engeneer degree soon so I could listen to this kind of music while trying to make my mac work with some pc based software under linux ih ih

  6. Marty AKA Marty McFly says:

    Hey Bro!

    this is not a place for blood feud!

    In a few weeks you will have a christmas dinner to fix up everything :)

  7. Yamin says:

    Hey, I’m a huge Lateef fan so thanks for this post. People who haven’t discovered him yet will have a wonderfull surprise.

  8. Gilles says:

    I have the 15th on my collection but FUCK ! I don’t remind the title :’(