hip hop cover on 45

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Nov-10-2006


This week i bought some 45’s who I think are very interesting.

El michels affair –c.r.e.a.m / glaciers of ice

El michels affair – bring the ruckus/duel of the iron mic

Lefties soul connection – organ donor


El michels affair are basically the back up band for raekwon and they are releasing a series of live funk interpretation of wu tang classic: they aren’t covering the original song that wutang sampled, but they’re recreating the musical background that rza created 10 years ago for the rest of the wu.

It’s quite strange to think that this create a full circle, from original funk and soul to sample and back to live musicians.

El michels affair have quite cinematic feeling to their funk, which die hard fans of rza would really appreciate.

This two gems are on 45 only, but I think they already released a cd, covering other funk and soul classic.

Lefties soul connection 7” is just brilliant: they are covering dj shadow’s organ donor.

It’s one of my favourite shadow’s tune (if u don’t know it go out now and buy it!), so I was quite curious and  ready to be disappointed at the same time: actually form the first second you play this tune it’s pure brilliancy.

It’s just deep raw funk, with heavy drums, with a massive break at the end that make it really dj friendly: you cant miss this out!

This band have an internet site so go and check it(http://www.leftiessoulconnection.com).

On another topic, tomorrow I’m going to see the Pharcyde (just the two left)…I hope I won’t be disappointed…I’ll let you know about it