Herbie Hancock ‘Head Hunters’ / Organized Konfusion ‘Organized Konfusion’

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. May-02-2007

4 unbelievable tracks that embrace fresh jazz, grooving funk and sweet R ‘n B. “Head Hunters” is a classic.


As you already know, actually i’m a freshman in jazz world and if you don’t trust my jazz tips, believe me…my guru is definitely “in the know”. When i asked him about some Hancock good albums he said to me: “Don’t save yourself, every single Hancock release basically worths a listen”.


HeadHunters” belongs to 70′s Hancock period, mind that he is still delighting us nowadays. After leaving Miles Davis in 1968, Herbie stepped full-time into the new electronic jazz-funk that was sweeping the world. He gathered this new band called The Headhunters and, in 1973, recorded “Head Hunters“, a hugely successful crossover hit which became the first jazz album to go platinum. With its Sly Stone-influenced hit single “Chameleon,” this album (and its follow-up, Thrust) signaled once and for all that Herbie Hancock would not be pigeonholed or categorized.


The 1970s brought a revolution of musical vision, with Head Hunters near the top of the pack in busting down the finite walls of sound and delivering infinite possibilities through a new generation of musicians who had jazz in their hearts and funk running through their veins.

This is my today’s outline: listen “Watermelon Man ” and “Chameleon“, lock on piano with bass line, print them in your mind then listen “Open Your Eyes“. It will take you a handful of minutes, after that it will be all favour.


As for last post, this time again we got two truly skilled MC’s. Prince Po and Pharaone Monch interchange flows+bounce off each other’s lines with incredible timing+delivery, they both have strong presence on the mic, they are real hardheaded cats.
Since their eponymous debut in 1991, Organized Konfusion has been about elevating heads to higher echelons of emcee technique.


Prince PO has said recently: “I like a lot of rappers today but 9 out of 10 of them are based off of witty metaphors. I’m this and you’re that. I’m like a Benz and you’re like a Volkswagen buggy.”

No blingbling+bitches+popping corks of Crystal, i think this is enough to get their point.
This album gets in my car stereo rotation every couple of weeks, because..OK lyrically
they are outstanding, bringing supremely intelligent and creative lyrics we’ve come to
expect and production wise fits the rhymes as well as the concept like a puzzle that
makes it a plus.


It’s like having the hardest+funkiest beats in their entire catalogue laced with top notch party jams+battle rhymes.

check Chameleon the double video, SUPERFUNK



If you are a jazz purist, you CAN’T shoot on this. If you are a newcomer like me, this is a privileged entrèe

Listen “Head Hunters

They don’t sweat the tecnique

Listen “Organized Konfusion

Listen also this cut from Stretch&Bobbito show, Prince Po is on the mic

Prince Po on WKCR