Good vibes in Stockholm

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Sep-02-2009

This is simply the post I would have loved to read BEFORE going there.

Fashing – The finest live Jazz since 1977

Kungsgatan 63

A great club, period. Vintage furniture, vintage smell, great beer, dope music.

Very easy to find, 2 minutes by walk from the Central Station, basically you can say it’s behind the Central Station.

They started almost 30 years ago with live classic Jazz, now they host also Soul and Funk nights, Hip Hop events, even Dubstep DJ sets. You know a thing? It’s cool to see a historic traditional Jazz Club hosting Dubstep dj sets. It’s kinda having John Coltrane appearing  you in a dream and saying that listening rugged bass driven club music it’s not a total waste of time.

I saw a live of the Stockholm Vodou Orchestra, they play mainly Afrobeat, afro-Funk, afro-Jazz… ok you got it.

The leader, Kristina Aspeqvist, is a recognized and famous teacher of percussion both in Ghana and Sweden. They got so much energy, check them out here.

Picture 8


*On the 5th of November they’ll host Dr. Lonnie Smith aka the undisputed king of the Hammond B3. See you there?

Dr. Lonnie Smith solo

Here is Fashing’s website.

Stampen – Jazzpuben

St. Nyg. 5

Gamla Stan

The Stampen Pub is less easy to find, but not difficult at all. It’s in the old town on Gamla Stan. Go there (a must see) and ask for it, it’s quite famous. The nice thing here is that they host live Jazz every night, starting at about 9. In the backside there’s another room, where they usually play music for people under 40 years old. The place has a quite interesting history, check it here.


stampen jazz pub

Stampen Jazz Band 08.03.09

Multi Kulti – Musik Cafe’

S:t Paulsg. 3

Multi Kulti is not a store, it’s a movement. Great vinyls, great food, and great hospitality. They are in the Slussen district, easy to find because near the “Slussen” metro station. Definitely a place to visit if you are looking for information and news about anything regarding good music or culture in Stockholm, or just for a good meal, not properly the easiest thing to find there…

multi kulti stockholm

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  1. Ozzino says:

    Nice post!
    I was in Stockholm some years ago and I definetely agree with you, I think that the places you suggests are something it’s hard to find elsewhere, especially for the atmosphere

  2. thanx Ozzino, that’s what I meant!