Gilles Peterson’s First Legal Broadcast

Science dropped by Marty AKA Marty McFly. Dec-21-2011

As you guys probably know, we are great followers of Gilles Peterson here at M&J. He gave us so much inspiration through the years. That is why, when we discovered his very first legal broadcast, we were very curious. This mix got his years, but it’s still enjoyable. Let’s pay respect, where respect is due!

To mark the 25th Anniversary of Gilles Peterson broadcasts for the BBC, heres a special present from the Mucho Soul crew! This is the very first show Gilles did for the corporation back in the mid eighties! Recorded on September 2nd 1986 between 10pm and 12 midnight, Mad On Jazz aired weekly on Radio London 94.9 FM every Tuesday. There’s a little bit missing mid way through the show – I must have dozed off! – or popped out and forgot to flip the tape over, but hopefully this won’t spoil your listening enjoyment. It’s a pretty good representation of the sound of early GP and he’s given us the OK to post and share with all our regular podcast listeners. So sit back, listen and raise a glass in celebration of 25 years of the finest Jazz broadcaster ever to hit our airwaves!

Nuff respect to Al & Ket Mucho Soul for this: Gilles Peterson BBC Radio London Sept 2nd 1986