Fat Freddy’s Drop (Martini)

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Oct-13-2006


A collective from Wellington , New Zealand , a land also known in Maori as Aotearoa, which is usually paraphrased in English as Land of the Long White Cloud.
And in a cloudy , foggy enviroment is exactly how you feel when you get wrap by their music.
Dallas Tamaira aka Joe Dukie ( Vocals ) , Toby Laing aka Tony Chang ( Bass and primaly trumpet ) , Warren Maxwell aka Fulla Flash ( Saxophones ) , Tehi Kerr aka Jetlag Johnson ( Guitar ) , Iain Gordon aka Dobie Blaze ( Keyboards ) , Dj Mu aka Dj Fitchie ( Mix ) , Joe Lindsay aka Hopepa ( Trombone ) are together an impressive jam session band.
They recorded two studio album , Hope for a generation ( 2004 ) and Based on a true story , but what they do best is jamming.
Their music is a mix of hypnotic dub and future soul grooves , jazz improvisation , and reggae.
Different style but same high level.
They took the name from Fat Freddy’s Cat , the freak cat of the Freak Brothers , a funny cartoon very popular back in the seventies.
I first heard this group in Nightmare of Wax Late night tales cd with a song Midnight Marauders , a truly masterpiece.
Maybe their best song so far.
But that was nothing when i compared it to the live version of the same song from the live at Paris ( Nuits Zèbrèes on radio Nova ).
Finally , check this group out , i highly recommend it for a lazy afternoon after a night out.
Do not miss any of their live , they play always different.