Don Ray – Body and Soul

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Oct-24-2007

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This is my birthday present!

This track is by Don Ray, a not well known composer, and was produced by Cerrone in 1978.

The title is Body and Soul…and I really like this tune, very modern and hypnotic!

Disco on Malligator label, a label of Filipacchi, recorded in Paris on December 1977.

I hope you like it Mister Martini…
…and it’s a present so can’t refuse!


LISTEN TO Don Ray – Body and Soul

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  1. cedric says:

    hello italia !
    great thank’s for your warm word’s.

    i write a post on my blog “short as usual” and i link you !
    May the groove be with you !
    mr boum !