DJ Zeph – DJ Platurn – DJ Teeko: Break Builders vol 2

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Sep-24-2010

Let’s go back in time…

We used to post a lot of mixes similar to the one I am about to point you out right now. In fact, in the early days Musicselections was “breaks oriented” indeed! Now we definitely try to diversify a little bit more but that does not mean we are not into this kind of stuff anymore. Basically I don’t know anything about the three djs involved in this session. What I surely know is that they play a great hour of music: eclectic, energetic and absolutely involving! You will recognize a lot of songs (and that is why we don’t post this type of mixes anymore, the djs tend to play all the time the same tunes) but surprisingly you will not get bored!

“All vinyl but heavily Pro-Tooled featuring additional turntable artistry from none other than DJ Teeko. This mix took Zeph & I a year to make and when it dropped, set a standard for how deep and detailed a mix comprised solely of breaks could actually go.”

Listen and let me know!

5 Responses to “DJ Zeph – DJ Platurn – DJ Teeko: Break Builders vol 2”

  1. Hamza21 says:

    Zeph & Platurn are from a DJ crew in the Bay Area (San Francisco/Oakland-California) called the Oakland Faders. DJ Teeko is in another crew called 4onefunk.

    They’re also part of a supercrew of deejays composed of the Fingernbangerz,Oakland Faders & 4Onefunk called Finger Fader Funk.

  2. Thanks for the info.

    Take care

  3. rchecka says:

    Very very great mix! Thanks Marty for dropping that! Yeah, I knew when I saw Platurn’s name on this it would be dope, these guys are master mixmen. These dudes dropped one of my favorite mixes ever, “So this is De La Heaven”.

    But anyway, back to this mix, I thought the sarcastic guy on the microphone trying to kick everyone out of the bar at the end of this mix was hilariously cynical.

  4. anon says:

    Who copied who?
    Did you copy the “I know you got soul” mix off cut chemist?
    or did he copy it off you?