DJ Nuts – Arthur Verocai Mix

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Jun-02-2010

Look what Jopparelli has found…

This mix is going to stay in my Ipod for the whole summer. No doubt!

“I could listen to the (Arthur Verocai) album everyday for the rest of my life” (Madlib)

Check this cheery mix!

Here an alternative link

11 Responses to “DJ Nuts – Arthur Verocai Mix”

  1. Simon666 says:

    Fantastic mix, thanks for this!

  2. ilmago says:

    Is it me or the link doesn’t load no more?

  3. ilmago says:


  4. [...] DJ Nuts – Arthur Verocai Mix « Martini & Jopparelli ‘s Music Selections [...]

  5. fritzthecat says:


    It’s amazing how everyone keeps banging on about Brazilian music as if it was god knows what… espeically shopping mall mus. sorry, I meant Bossa Nova.
    The very same cheesy songs, if they were by a German band you wouldn’t give them a seond listen. Bizarre

    I say: the emperor is not wearing any clothes!

  6. Albino Basket says:

    Loso per redi che ho ciatocomin a redaguar il strovo tosi titut i nigior …

    mi cepia !

    ora sono zicaz strivo !

    just to say that I started to watch your blog every day even

    I like


    FORAF .