Dj Food / Jazz Brakes Vol. 1

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Feb-19-2007

You read Dj Food, but it’s best explained as Food for DJs.
Back in 1987 a couple of djs/producers released “Say Kids What Time Is It?” feeding UK with first bite of sample-based music.

But Matt Black and Jon More aka Coldcut owe their success to Jazz Brakes series released from 1990 and so on.
Along the way they met Patrick Carpenter (PC) who was popularly misidentified with a personal computer used by the duo. Over the years more people added to the team, among them Paul Brook, Paul Rabiger, Strictly Kev and Issac Elliston.
I came in contact with Ninja Tune and all its affiliated artists just recently (thanks Marty for this tip), first thinking Jazz Brakes was merely a collection of breaks and samples.
It’s not just that, it’s something like a sophisticated hip hop/funky jazz tune set where different sounds (often winking to the funk) are wisely blended.
It’s like you have jazz trumpets, drums proper of old school rap, electronic sounds and funky guitar in the same definitely worths a listen.


time to download it, you must be hungry now ;)
Check the tracklist
Listen Jazz Brakes Vol. 1

P.S. In the future we’ll link next volumes, stay tuned!

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  1. djmp45 says:

    hey ozzino, check brighton’s own bonobo who’s on ninja tune as well…it’s more on a trip-hop tip but still quality music(plus he was my neighbour and it’s a very friendly person so i have to give him props anyway)

  2. ozzino says:

    as you read i’m a ninja tune freshman, but i’m gonna follow your steer for sure

  3. tom says:

    this is some exe file. i have no idea how to open it, any help please?

  4. ozzino says:

    Yo Tom it’s a self-extracting winrar archive, running it should be enough.
    Let me know

  5. tom says:

    i didnt mention i use linux – that’s why it didnt work simply by click. but i opened it via commander line. thanks so much – this quiet rare album and i like ninja tune very much!

  6. m migs says:

    I call these samples … 2 minute ” songs ” with no substance … ninja tunes for 13 year old ninja turtles = bubblegum breaks

  7. Giraffe Man says:

    Is there any chance of the link been fixed/ file been uploaded, i have been wanting this for ages cheers anyway.

  8. perish says:

    What’s the track used for DIzzy?