David Nerattini aka Little Tony Negri: 1-Hour Mix of Rare Italian Funky S*#t From The 70′s!

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Nov-11-2007


This time our guest is really special and we are particularly proud to have him on our blog. This man is a musician (a superlative drummer), music journalist, DJ, collector of rare groove vinyls, producer and tutor for the Red Bull Music Academy. Is that enough? He is also the managing editor for Superfly Magazine, probably the best music magazine here in Italy (featuring an excellent column about breaks :-) ). His name is David Nerattini aka Little Tony Negri and if you still don’t get it, I give you some links to make up your mind…

David Nerattini – Red Bull Music Academy Radio Mixes (Check all his mixes from Extrafly, click on archive and search for Nerattini, you will find several podcasts. From The Fela Kuti Edition to Dub Me Crazy, from Rapcats to Brazil Brazil Brazil, he brings you crazy vibes…tracklist is included!). Check also this interesting interview where he talks about Italian music: Session One & Session Two. More: Jazz Guerrilla – Watch him and his band play (Watch this video carefully, they are dope. Techniques in practice!). Little Tony Negri – For more info about the man Superfly Magazine – The official page



And finally comes the guest post:

Hey M&J!

here’s my lil’ b-day present for your (brilliant) blog and all the readers (and downloaders…) out there.

It’s a 1-hour mix of some italian funky shit that I hope you’ll like, made to celebrate our common roots and generally spread around some good vibes. What more can i say…keep up the good work and FORZA ROMA!


David Nerattini aka Little Tony Negri



02 – STEFANO TOROSSI – Fearing Much

03 – FRANCO MICALIZZI – Death In The Cave

04 – PAOLO CASA – Chase


06 – LEONE DI LERNIA – Gaccia ad avè

07 – REMIGIO DUCROS – Disadattati

08 – WESS & THE AIREDALES – Airedales Popcorn

09 – PEREZ PRADO – Tequila

10 – ALESSANDRO ALESSANDRONI – The Private Connection

11 – TONI ESPOSITO – La danza dei bottoni

12 – FAUSTO PAPETTI – Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone

13 – DUKE OF BURLINGTON – Slot Machine

14 – PULSAR MUSIC LTD – Cat Theme

15 – RIZ ORTOLANI – Serena e Lomunno

16 – NEW TROLLS ATOMIC SYSTEM – Una notte sul monte calvo

17 – SENSATIONS FIX – She’s Gonna Grow On You

David Nerattini aka Little Tony Negri: 1-Hour Mix of Rare Italian Funky S*#t From The 70′s! by Martini & Jopparelli on Mixcloud


12 Responses to “David Nerattini aka Little Tony Negri: 1-Hour Mix of Rare Italian Funky S*#t From The 70′s!”

  1. johnny says:

    gran gran bella selezione!!
    me la sono ascoltata già tre volte di fila.
    complimenti a LTN!!

  2. mastagros says:

    this shit is great!!!!!! i always play it when the police is chasing me…

  3. Ozzino says:

    weird as well as dope selection.
    big up LTN!

  4. ilmago says:

    Dope idea an italian funk selection…
    Is that the same Leone di Lernia who dropped the underground hit “Ti Si’mmangiato la’bbanana” back in the 90′s?

  5. Ozzino says:

    i’ve just read “Superfly” of October/November.
    Catchy article “HOTSTEPPERS”
    Dope magazine indeed

  6. LTN says:

    yes…it’s the same Leone Di Lernia, the one and only.
    anyway, thanks everybody, i’m glad ya’ll liked the mix, more are coming…

  7. Chr!s says:

    I’d love to check this mix out – but the Div Share account doesn’t work any more.
    Any chance of a re-up? Thanks in advance.

  8. Hi Chris

    i ll do the re up tonight.

    Take care

  9. Chr!s says:

    Thanks Marty! Looking forwards to checking this one out.

  10. Cro says:

    what Chr!s said, many thanks

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