Christmas Break

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Dec-23-2008

Let’s take it easy for a while…

If you need music during this holidays ask Benji B: HERE!

Have fun everybody!!!!

6 Responses to “Christmas Break”

  1. Emil says:

    Hey. You should move your blog to since your blog is a hiphop blog. You could also make some $ by having it there…

  2. “your blog is a hiphop blog”

    no, it’s not.

  3. mob says:

    Your Blog its amazing dude.
    im from Chile, and my native language is the spanish, and is pretty “hard 2 obtain” this kind of sites on ESPAÑOL.
    My respects.

  4. Djouls says:

    Cool blog man, but can you host the images instead of hotlinking to parisdjs?

  5. Grandi Marti and Jopparelli…portate avanti lo stile italiano nel mondo…

  6. [...] thing we do: Warp recording artists Africa Hi-Tech played recently at Benji B‘s deviation night. Their inspired 2-hour set was recorded live and kindly delivered to your speaker [...]