Cherrystones 40 Min Mix At The Boiler Room

Science dropped by joppa AKA Arthur Jopparelli. Oct-05-2011

London’s music scene is always bubblin with great ideas and concepts. Since March 2010, there’s a new spot to hear the freshest beats: the Boiler Room. Created by the Platform Magazine guys, it’s a place where you can hear all the greatest DJs perform live and direct.

The Boiler Room is an evolution of London’s Pirate Radio culture: DJs come to this small room full of people, and they simply do their thing while the show is broadcasted live all over the internet. Furthermore (thats the true power of the web), people can chat, interact by droppin comments live, or check out the show archives to see what they missed in the past days.

Radio Renegades – Part 1 of 3 – UK London Pirate Radio Documentary

This mix by Cherrystones is just great, it’s a trip into the crates of a record collector, just the way we like it here… soundtracks, psychedelic, weird stuff, all glued together with an evident Hip Hop attitude. The tune that made my day is this weird italian-french love song from the late 60′s,  a really intense one with a killer instrumental:

Christophe- Io prego, e pregherò (1968)

Che-check it out:

You can find all the info, the live recorded video of the set, plus a download link from itunes HERE