Boombass Plays Prince

Science dropped by joppa AKA Arthur Jopparelli. Apr-17-2011

You know what I’m listening those days? I’m listening Prince. We’ve not posted a lot of Roger Nelson matherial here, and thats quite surprising because I’ve always listened Prince actually, buying and recording tons of cassettes and LPs since I was a kid. His musical talent is so rare it really got no age, no need to talk further.

I recently came upon this recent performance by the artist and I’m always surprised by what a great performer he is. Three completely different kind of tunes and still he makes the difference with his presence. Check the video I’m talking about:

Recently legendary house producer Boombass from Cassius published a nice set of mixtapes in his page. The one about Prince is the one I’m going to recommend you now. It’s not the obvious tunes you always hear on TV, so it’s strongly advised checking it out. Have fun!