Benji B – Deviation Show, J Dilla Inspirations Selections

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Jun-19-2007

Yet another mix! We are close to celebrate 150000 contacts so we must please you with something exclusive. My choice this time goes to J Dilla. Yeah, what a genius! Everything has been written and told about his figure, that is why I am not going to say anything else than: thank you, your legacy will last forever.

Benji B is a British DJ and radio presenter. He used to work with Gilles Peterson. First for Kiss FM than they moved to BBC 1. Today he present his own Radio show called Deviation on BBC 1xtra which is broadcast every Thursday. I really love how he runs the show. This guy makes you feel comfortable with his lovely selection, nice and slow, dropping great tunes and sharing knowledge. He speaks a few during his show, but it won’t bother your listening.

Songs by, sampled from and inspired by J Dilla. Give us some props!


**J Dilla 7th Feb 1974 – 10th Feb 2006 **

J Dilla ft Dwele | Think Twice (BBE)
Slum Village | Hold Tight (Jay Dee Remix) (White)
Jaylib | The Official (Stones Throw)
J Dilla | Pause (Instrumental) (BBE)

**Ruff Draft Tracks**
J Dilla | Crushin (Stones Throw)
J Dilla | Take Notice (Stones Throw)
J Dilla | Intro (Stones Throw)
J Dilla | Wild (Stones Throw)
J Dilla | Nothing Like This (Stones Throw)
J Dilla | Da $ (Stones Throw)

J Dilla Human Nature Beat (CDR)
Slum Village | 2U4U(Karrier Riggins Eat Instrumental) (CDR)

**J Dilla Inspirations Selection**
Gap Mangione | Diana In The Autumn Wind (GRC)
Rene Costy | Scrabble (Chappell) (J D Fuck The Police)
Marvelettes | You’re the One For Me Bobby (Motown)
Galt Madermot | Golden Apples Part 2 (Kilmarnak)
Neil Innes and Son | Come On Feel The Noize (Pipe Records)
Stereo Lab | Come Play In The Milky Night (Cobra Phases) (Duophonic)
Hugh Hopper & Alan Gowen | Morning Order (Cuneiform)
Barney Kessel | The Look Of Love (1201 Music)
The Cyrkle | The Visit (Sundazed Music Inc)
The Singers Unlimited | Claire (MPS)
Dionne Warwick | Walk On By (Sceptor)
Raymond Scott | Lightworks (Manhatton Research Inc) (Basta)
Velvet Gentlemen | Affolements Grantiques (EMI)
Peter Bowman | Sintenial Present (Virgin)
Bach Moog
The Temple City Orchestra | Kazood On Classics
The Silvers | Only One Can Win (Capital)
Billy Paul | Let The Dollar Circulate
We Must Be In Love
Make It fast Make It Slow
**Mix Ends**

This video has nothing to do with music but this animal is just amazing. Watch the last part of the video carefully. Vampire Squid from Hell is the name, 1 Km (3200 feet) under the sea is the place.

9 Responses to “Benji B – Deviation Show, J Dilla Inspirations Selections”

  1. h. says:

    awesome mix, but it’s in mpeg format. i’m quite stupid about this sort of thing, but how would i convert it to mp3 so i can’t only listen to it on the computer?

  2. joppa says:

    You can download and install WINLAME, a free software that lets you convert FROM every format TO mp3…. it should be easy to use. Let us know!

    You can find it at:

  3. h. says:

    thanks very much, will give it a try

  4. h. says:

    can’t get it to work – again probably being stupid. never mind!

  5. mieras says:

    just rename the file to .mp3

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