“Afrobeat will be one of the musics of the future” – Miles Davis

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Dec-30-2009

5 Afrobeat mixes: the proper way to end up this decade!

Big Up DJ Underdog! See you next year!

5 Responses to ““Afrobeat will be one of the musics of the future” – Miles Davis”

  1. djmp45 says:

    happy new year!

  2. calumbinho says:

    You just totally made that quote up, didn’t you? I wish Miles had encountered afrobeat, but he doesn’t mention it at all in his autobiography (doesn’t even mention Fela), and he sure would have if he had been exposed to it, and it would’ve probably showed in his music. I guess he was way too sick and coked-up during the great afrobeat years to know what was really happenning outside of his immediate entourage. But I identify with your fantasy in any case ;).

  3. Mirror: How do you explain the rediscovery of Afro-beat by the rest of the world over the last few years?

    Femi Kuti: Well, let me just quote Miles Davis. He said, “Afro-beat will be the music of the future.” When I read that and realized Miles Davis was listening to my father, I was like, “Wow,” and it really touched me. I don’t want to sound pompous, but my father did play good music, so it’s not really surprising at all.



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