A Deep Trip Into Various Musical Cultures – Deus Milles Mixtape By Cristian Adamo

Science dropped by joppa AKA Arthur Jopparelli. Oct-20-2013

Welcome back! If you follow us, you might know that M&J are wildin’ out on the italian radio frequencies lately. One of the shows we collaborated with is the excellent “Lains For Laions” radio show, broadcasted on Radio Città Del Capo (Bologna, Italy) and hosted by the talented DJ and selector that goes by the name of  Cristian Adamo.

In his latest show, he broadcasted an exclusive mix he did for M&J: an eclectic, dark and vibrant one, which we are sure you will enjoy. From Karl Hector to Dj Rashad, the range of rhythms covered is wide enough to keep your curiosity sparked while you listen. It’s like a big open window on the most interesting beats and sounds out now, and the landscape is quite pleasant.

Light it one and enjoint the listening! “Deux Mille Mixtape” is entirely live recorded with a two channel mixer and turntables! For this reason you will listen a quick click/interruption around minutes 49:05 due to the crash of the recorder… but I kept going on with the Ed Wood’s methology “right first”! It shouldn’t be a big deal! -Cristian Adamo

Deux Milles Mixtape – Exclusive mix by Cristian Adamo for M&J by Martini & Jopparelli on Mixcloud

Like it? Do you want to fill your ipod with this one? DOWNLOAD IT HERE