4 Albums You Should Not Miss!

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Jan-18-2010

Going around the web searching for dope music is definitely one of my favourite sports. Especially because I can practice from my couch while I am sipping on some Heineken! It’s an hard job, I know, but I do that for you guys…And that is why you should not sleep on this records I am about to point you out.

Let’s start from Brazil. Tribo Massahi – Estrelando Embaixador is something you should absolutely check out. “Inna Fela Kuti Style”: you got two long tracks, you got two gems. Obrigado “Fperacoli”, you are doing a fantastic job with your blog.

Staying in the South American area, let’s see what’s going on in Peru. I sincerely needed a compilation here since I did not know anything about Chicha. Do you? Now I know that Chicha is a drink but is also a smooth and in some case hypnotic music. I don’t like all the tracks to be honest but some are really amazing. Listen to the first tune for example and let me know…Props to “Radu Altrove” for this!

Now I want you to follow me to Turkey. I know it’s a long trip but you won’t be disappointed. Genclick Elele is a true masterpiece, you better believe me. Mustafa Ozkent is the man behind this crazy album and you can’t be more funky than him! Thanks to “Joe Blow aka The Sample King”!

Last but not least comes a funky album from Japan: The adventures of Kohsuke Kindaichi by The Mystery Kindaichi Band. Are you looking for some breaks for your next producing effort? Grab this! Obviously thanks to Apyrex Scholar for the rip!

Finally let me refer you to this adorable track and since I’m a travelling mofo, I love the video even more.

9 Responses to “4 Albums You Should Not Miss!”

  1. JCC says:

    Thanks a lot for this superbe sound I’m now listenning THE ADVENTURES… and it’s so great…Really an outstanding post

  2. You are welcome JCC!

    Take care!

  3. Tommy Ragnampiza says:

    mcfly, sempre super roba…..intanto mi prendo una fetta di cumbia per farmi compagnia mentre preparo cena :)

    statemi bene

  4. djmp45 says:

    don’t i get any props for the heads up on the mustafa ozkent album??? ;)

  5. djmp45 says:

    just kidding, just glad you enjoy it

  6. Wow, never heard of any of these albums before but I downloaded the roots of chicha and it’s pretty cool :D

    Thanks for the great albums, downloading the other 3 as we speak!

  7. the mustafa ozkent and the koshuke one are great, heavy rotation in my stilo

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