3 Sophisticaded and Uncompromising Mixes: Gilles Peterson, Superfly Mag and Shackleton

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Dec-02-2010

Still busy here at M&J, workin on the new site and preparing some big post coming soon. But in the meantime we cannot leave you without something to listen as usual. I want to point you to 3 amazing mixtapes. Why amazing? Because they’re eclectic, sophisticated and most important of all uncompromising. No shortcuts, no easy listening selections, but rather bizarre, hard to find and genre-defying music. Oooh baby we like it RAAAW.

Here’s the first one, the most laid-back and smooth mix of the three, from none other than Gilles Peterson. He takes you through reggae, dub and jazz and if you don’t approve every single choice that he makes, please get the hell out of here. Kindly provided on Souncloud, so you can start listening while you read the rest of the post. SoundCloud is great isn’t it? Well, better than Facebook at least. (Click the arrow to download and let us know if the link expires as usual).

Here’s the second one: the latest podcast from the Superfly Crew, captained by Little Tony Negri (don’t miss his epic sets for RBMA radio by the way, you can find them by typing “David Nerattini” HERE). The Superfly Crew gives evidence that we still have profound music connossieurs here in Italy, despite what you might think if you listen our crappy mainstream radios and TV stations… From classic italian Library music to Hip Hop to Jazz, this is a highly pleasant listen. Anyone starting a selection with Ugo Busoni is a knowledgeable selector, you can bet it.

Ugo Busoni – Politica Salariale


…you can get a playlist and all the previous episodes as well. If you experience slow connection, try this ALTERNATE LINK.

Finally let’s take a fantastic voyage into the realms of experimental electronic music. Let Shackleton guide you through this wild journey. No, we’re not talking about the pioneer of Antarctic Exploration, but rather a pioneer of cold-as-ice sound exploration, head of Skull Disco Label.

Uncompromising music once again, crafted with a deep psychedelic attitude and an incredible taste for ethnic elements. That’s how I would describe his music by words, but once again I’d rather let the music speak.

Check this Shackleton mix from the excellent BedTimeBunnage site:


3 Responses to “3 Sophisticaded and Uncompromising Mixes: Gilles Peterson, Superfly Mag and Shackleton”

  1. love the G. Peterson and the Superfly one too

  2. Thanks for this post. Haven’t been on in a looooong while. We used to share links… freehiphopnow.com (What happened?) I found my way over here to check if a number of sites we link to were still up… Really glad to see that you are!

    Saw Gilles this summer in nyc at this Giant Step event. He is ridiculous…

  3. we won’t stop, cause we can’t stop.