Is Dubstep The Next Hip Hop? (Pt.2: Enter The Dubstep)

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Nov-03-2009

Look what the Wu family have done.  Wu-Tang on Dubstep beats? Are you kiddin me? No, it’s true, and it’s coming out soon.

Honestly it’s the first time since we started this blog that I won’t even take into account the actual quality of the music. This is a milestone album: our idols from the 90′s are somehow experimenting on the same beats we’re into right now, and this is a deeply interesting combination, no matter what the result sounds like.


It’s important for us having the proof that we were right: dubstep is proper future music and it’s changing the course of electronic music forever. After 2 years of reviewing more dubstep and less hip hop (thus probably disappointing some hip hop fans), we now know that maybe some of our choices were right.

With Scuba, Parson, Trillbass, Dakimh, DZ, Rogue Star, Stenchman, Datsik & many more producing not remixes, but complex re-interpollations that include a veritable goldmine of Wu-Tang verses from the vaults that feature Raekwon, Ghostface Killa, RZA, GZA, Method Man, U-God & Masta Killa, and many more Wu affiliates and Guests. This one of a kind compilation is at the forefront of an emerging cultural and musical blend that is taking place on the margins of the mainstream, but will be talked about for years to come”

I listened the preview, there’s some nice stuff in. I’m definitely feeling the Method Man track and the one produced by Stenchman. Sure Wu-Tang dont sound wrong at all over such a post-nuclear-war sound carpet. It would have been even more interesting hearing contributions from the original UK Dubstep masters. All the producers here are from the USA if I’m not wrong. Anyway, If RZA, Ghost, Rae and Method are feelin’it, why wouldn’t you?


Aiight, on the same tip listen this

Hip Hop vs. dubstep mix by Plastician featuring the infamous Snoop Dogg Dubstep track “Snoop Millionaire”. Enjoy!

27 Responses to “Is Dubstep The Next Hip Hop? (Pt.2: Enter The Dubstep)”

  1. As I said 2 years ago: they are shaping the sound of tomorrow.

    And soon or later everybody will realize that!

    It’s a ne dawn, it’s a new day!

  2. Antonio says:

    As I said 2 years ago: they are shaping the sound of tomorrow.
    It’s still too early to talk about the future, really.
    Also, in terms of style and raw power, hip hop was already massive in 1988 (see the popular pics by Conzo, Friedman and more), while dubstep does not seem to have the same explosive potential in that respect.
    As far as the music, I don’t know. We will see. I am not dissing dubstep but I cannot see the same potential of something that has been going on for decades.
    I hope for you you guys are right. I am happy with just hip hop, anyway.

    • You said: It’s still too early to talk about the future, really.

      TRUE, that is also why we can’t say : Hip Hop in 1988 was like this then was like that etc… Dubstep today is just few years old (you can compare it to the very early Hip Hop) and believe me, is already huge around the globe.

      A lot of Djs, clubs, producers and fans are involved and the influence of this sound is something tangible in the worldwide club scene.

      This does not mean everybody has to like it. How many people around you like Hip Hop (especially in countries like Italy)?

      If you go back to Southampton for example you will understand how Dubstep is already massive. Or just in Finland perhaps.

      Said that, we have regular nights also in Italy.

      Once again, you don’t have to like it for this (you have to like it if you feel it of course) and honestly I hope it will never reach the “real” mainstream (MTV etc…)

  3. HeyCee says:

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  4. Antonio says:

    Dubstep today is just few years old (you can compare it to the very early Hip Hop) and believe me, is already huge around the globe.

    I am not denying it. I hope exciting things take over, rather than the rubbish that we hear around (hip hop included).
    All I am saying is that I might be wrong but I cannot see the same significance that hip hop had back in the days. Maybe thing will be different in 5 years and dubstep will go mainstream, who knows?

  5. Anyway, “Love Don’t Cost/Still Grimey Ft. Icewater, Method Man, U-God & Prodigal Sunn (Nebulla & Dore Remix)” is dope.

  6. djmp45 says:

    it’s probably the sounds of future but still doesn’t do much for me, i’m sorry…that said none can deny that there’s quite a movement around it and that like drum n bass before it started to spread worldwide.
    as a concept this album seems nothing new as they used to do the same with drum n bass and uk’s just that before it was more a white label thing , while this seems to be more official

  7. Hamza21 says:

    This is pure garbage! If you think this will overtake Hip Hop you’re dreaming. This is nothing but computer generated noise. EDM may be popular in certain countries but in the states it’s looked upon as “bitch music” that only women (or gays listen to).

    Europhiles,homosexuals,women and druggies listen to EDM here in the states it’s not nor is ever going be mainstream. I can’t see how this “music” can be cultural force like Hip Hop is.

    Dubstep nothing more than a hybrid of California Bay Area sound and wack electro from the early 80′s. JT Tha Bigga Figga meets Gary Numan.

    • “Europhiles,homosexuals,women and druggies listen to EDM”
      Ok, so the target is limited to a few billions of people anyway.

      “JT Tha Bigga Figga meets Gary Numan”
      LOL! There is some truth in this, but only in the worst cases, believe me. Try listenning the big names in dubstep (not the ones in this comp), they do not sound like that.

      Anyway, I can understand some people may not like it of course, but EDM’s only purpose is to rock parties and make people dance, there are no cultural ambitions behind that. And believe me, in a lot of ways it does its job way better than most contemporary Hip Hop.

      And if you know where dubstep comes from, it still has more culture behind than today’s mainstream rap music (which is fully electronic too by the way). If I read the hip hop/RNB chart today I see Drake, Gucci Mane, JayZ and Usher. What culture do they express right now? None.

      Again, it’s not about going mainstream, but rather making (or try to make) good music.

    • djmp45 says:
      and this one?i though that posting a foxy brown mixtape was gay…but posting your own “mixtape” made with mp3 with christina aguilera on it and going around bitching about shit you dont even know is WAY more gay …and for your information afrika bambaata was spinning some euro-gay-edm stuff called kraftwerk, ever heard of them?maybe not because you spend all your time listening to that foxy brown and jon b crap.

  8. Agreed, I have listened to a lot of this and gave it plenty of chances but after listening to several artists and a number of songs it just doesn’t have the gravitas that hip-hop did when it changed the whole music scene.

  9. Antonio says:

    after listening to several artists and a number of songs it just doesn’t have the gravitas that hip-hop did when it changed the whole music scene.
    Exactly my point.

  10. Anonymous says:

    @Jacob and Antonio
    I don’t think Joppa meant that Dubstep will have the same social and cultural impact Hip Hop had or that Dubstep will follow EXACTLY the footprints of the Hip Hop phenomena… Only a crazy one can think that.

    I think that with his notorious “Dubstep is the next Hip Hop” statement Joppa means that the next genre of black music that will happen to be relevant in clubs is Dubstep.
    Soul has been relevant in clubs in 60′s and 70′s, House in the 70′s and 80′s, Hip hop in 80′s and 90′s, in his opinion Dubstep is the next one, or already is.

    Now we can discuss for days about what “relevant” means ;)

  11. Antonio says:

    @ Il Mago:
    I have already said that I cannot foresee the future, so I don’t know what will happen to dubstep in the next few years.
    My only objection to the “Dubstep is the next Hip Hop” statement is in terms of the “culture” aspects of it. Mind you, the same holds true for house music and soul. They had a movement behind that I just cannot see with dubstep.
    As for the rest, as I said, dubstep might blow up and there won’t be any problem for me.

  12. Spliffers says:

    I didn’t read all the posts, but I read enough of them to get an idea where this is going. As someone who has seen HipHop grow from the late 80′s to present, I can say that Dubstep is (merely) yet another evolutionary branch of HipHop….it is more bass-driven than typical HipHop beats, and less dependent on lyrics, however, its roots are HipHop. The Tree will always be here. That’s what it does….it keeps branching off.

    Even volleyball is raquetless team pingpong played with an inflatable ball and a raised net while standing on the table. Merely another branch of a timeless game.

    • Dub head says:

      Yeah, good job getting Dubsteps origins wrong. Do some research online! Dubstep came from UK garage music, grime, Dub reggae, and is in essence; a dark version of drum n bass.. Dubstep isn’t actually THAT new, maybe new to the US, but it’s been around since like ’98 over in the UK. Aside from that, most hip hop/rap artist now adays have lost the real sense of hip hop. Hip hop now sucks! Its just a bunch of autotuned bitches talking about money and women, cars etc. Dubstep is different from hip hop/ rap. I really enjoyed this album, but I hope hip hop/ rap artists don’t start recording their songs with dubstep beats cause that’ll just ruin it! Dubstep isn’t a lyrical type music (most of the time) !
      Aside from that, I hope that dubstep will never go mainstream, look what the mainstream market has done to other genres of music!

  13. tmiys says:

    @ Spliffers.

    Dubstep is NOT an evolutionary branch of hiphop.
    Dubstep comes from Dub, Jamaican music. So does hiphop

  14. freebeatinfo says:

    i cant stand dubstep its a load of junk! it will never take over hip hop as most the artists all sound the same and the music barely changes! i cant ever see an artist becoming legendary in dubstep

  15. g machine says:

    some of the shit is alright. i dunno tho. seems like a lot of cats are forgetting why they fell in love with hip hop in the first place.

    for me this is just electro music with a rapper over it. i think ill always be partial to sample-based hip hop.

    hip hop is supposed to be organic in my mind. dubstep is far from that.

    • Dub head says:

      This “electro music” has a MUCH darker, and a much more grimey feel to it that, let’s say, three6mafia’s song “head” which, its beat, is eurodance! So when the right hip hop/rap is remixed, like Wu-tang, or other hardcore REAL rap groups/artists, it sounds GREAT. I grew up around hip hop/rap, in and around NYC. But once the genre had bullshit artists being the only thing heard, it became, well bullshit.

  16. great things happen to nice people like you, don’t stop posting

  17. Esk says:

    Ok, guys… Im a ex-rap-head, a few years ago I stopped searching for new rap artist because I lost fate in hh. I found something more suitable at the moment – dnb. All I can say about dubstep is that it already took over (as time has passed during) and it is taking old hh heads under its influence fo so. But the problem nowadays is that once producers see that something is good and that people are into it they start hyper-production process almost instantly which is the thing that killed rap (as we loved it) and its gonna kill dubstep also in a very short period.
    Rap or Dubstep?

    DnB xD