Welcome To The #svuotazza

Science dropped by joppa AKA Arthur Jopparelli. Aug-08-2014

Good news people: i managed to record a set from one of this summer’s gigs in my hometown alongside my man Moplen. He plays disco, i play random stuff, we have a lot of fun going around with our massive bags of vinyl and playing them in very nice locations. And that’s pretty much everything i have to say about this mix, ok? Just two music enthusiasts playing their favorite tunes you know what i’m sayin?

If you’re curious, let’s clarify the concept behind the italian word #svuotazza : it indicates a context where the dj plays some very good music and few people (or absolutely no people) is attending or paying attention. It means playing tunes for the wind, you know, sometimes it happens. But the dj is so much satisfied about the tunes, he honestly doesn’t care. :) Peace


Moplen & Jopparelli – Welcome 2 the #svuotazza by Martini & Jopparelli on Mixcloud