Top ten party anthems

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Jan-25-2007


1 David Matthews “Star Wars”

this is a crazy record…when i played people went completely nuts…everybody love the star wars theme and this is the disco/funk version, nice break in the middle make this tune n.1: it’s the combination of silliness and funkyness that people love( and it’s not a very played tune, which make it even more interesting).


2 Double dee and Steinski “lesson two : the james brown mix”

this is just great fun: this is one of norman cook favourite tune and if you know it you know why(the originators of the cut and paste technique).


3 Mark the 45 king “900 number”

the marva whitney “unwind yourself” horn loop, over one of the fattest beat ever made…simple and plain, but very effective!


4 Lyn Collins”think”

another james brown(r.i.p) production: this will rock any crowd, especially when the part that rob base took come in…it send people nuts, since they don’t really expect it!


5 Masta ace ”Born to Roll”

love the original, love the born to roll version even more: very fat beat,one of my favourite


6 Showbiz & a.g “Party Groove”

if you want to rock a party, you’ll need a party groove..enough said(actually i’m quite lucky to have found this one!)


7 Esther Williams “Last Night Changed It All

there are two version on this one: the one with the telephone ring in the beginning (that bdp took) and the one without it: have the latest one on 7″, essential


8 Third guitar “Baby don’t cry”

unfortunately i dont have the rojac original, but the funk 45 reissue, one of my favourite break!


9 Eric b and rakim ”paid in full (cold cut 7 minutes of madness remix)”

i saw cold cut last year and they were superb: love the original but this is it, the ultimate remix!


10 pete rock & cl smooth “the creator (ep mix)”

probably the fattest drum you can ever’s quite a fast tune (116 bpm) for hip hop, but pete rock still manage to rhyme nicely over it and the horns are A+(any doubt about pete rock horns?)

this are personal favourite from my records collection…i’m sure everybody have their own..


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  1. Marty says:

    U make me work again!! Nice
    Think by Lyn Collins is an amazing track, i am listening to this in this days.

  2. djmp45 says:

    sorry about it, my uploading is really bad…actually zero…if you like lyn collins, check out marva whitney”unwind yourself”…still a james broen camp production, very nice indeed!

  3. Antonio says:

    I am not very good at party tracks, but what about Rapper’s Delight?
    When I lived in England, everyone was very fond of Jump Around by House of Pain…
    And they loved Abba and YMCA by the Village People.
    Also, I would add Superfreak by Rick James and Billie Jean by M. Jackson.
    What do you think?

    And I forgot Kev Brown in the rapper/producer top 10 list… but I digress!

  4. ilmago says:

    Oh yeah I also like very much “YMCA” and also “Come e’ bello far l’amore da Trieste in giu” by Raffaella Carra’.
    Oh and how could you forgot “Bandoleiro” by Gipsy Kings.
    C’mon…. are you serious?

  5. Antonio says:

    I just said what they like in England.
    It’s not my fault if ABBA and Village People are in heavy rotation…

    I would put Jump Around and Superfreak on my top list, anyway…

  6. djmp45 says:

    antonio where did you live in england?in newcastle?

  7. Antonio says:

    Southampton. But it doesn’t matter… everywhere is the same… They love their Abba in England!

  8. yes, looks and sounds really dope! I’m happy about the track “third guitar”. if you like this one you’ll definitely enjoy m-band’s “egg roll” – a monster break. I upload it for you if you want…

    when are you going to post the other tracks?

  9. joppa says:

    CosmoRetro: your blog is cool. you put on only music from your private collection: that’s the right attitude. quality, not quantity. i like it.

    let’s exchange links!!

    I’m gonna ppost the other tracks soon, except “star wars”, which unfortunately i don’t have. it seems it is a rarity. only djmp45 has it, but he cannot upload it at the moment.

    yeah, sure, if you give us an upload link to that song, it would be great.

  10. djmp45 says:

    the star wars tune is not really rare…i found it on the ultimate beats and breaks series
    cosmoretro: the third guitar tune is just great…i’ve got the the madd Rackett (a.k.a kenny dope)7″ “get It (Good God)” which reworks the breakin a very nice way..which is quite to mix with the third guitar tune…and obviously with “looking at the front door ” by main source

  11. clicka says:

    I dont know what world “Antonio” lives in but the guy is giving England a bad name…I’m nt sure this is the site for you,??? Did you really think those sort of tunes would be HERE??

    come dude, get a grip

  12. [...] long time James Brown lover. He first was on JB when he dropped along with Double Dee the lesson 2 (listen to lesson 2 here). Lesson 2 was released in 1984 and it was one of the first record sampling James Brown (ok, Afrika [...]

  13. Travis Stark says:

    This is an awesome top ten list, I love anything by Pete Rock, he should be much higher on your list, at least top 5.
    You should post this to my buddy’s site or anyone can make their own at