Three (Mixtapes) Is The Magic Number

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Jan-14-2010

“Back in the days when I was a teenager…” I hate playin the part of the old guy, but this time I gotta do it. Back in the days, when mixtapes were actually cassette tapes, they were usually harder to cop. We were listening the same mixes over and over, and guess what? We enjoyed the music a lot more than now.

Listening the same mix many times makes you really appreciate the work of djs and producers and takes you a lot deeper into the music. Gettin deep gives you better music knowledge as a result. And worst of all, you don’s see any giant Boombox around no more.

So what  I’m tryn to do right now is ignoring the tons of stuff that comes daily in my Google Reader and FB accounts, choose the matherial that sounds most promising and focusing on it for the more days possible. If the music survives long enough in my ipod, that means maybe I found quality stuff, deep stuff. So let’s see what I selected recently: 3 electronic music mixes for your pleasure. Hopefully, a good sample of where contemporary music is going.

First is this mix Grievous Angel did for Blackdown’s blog. After his take on classic Funk and Jazz, here’s his take on classic Hip Hop and RNB. The talented producer from Sheffield kicks out some wizardry by remixing Premier, Gang Starr and also Prince and D’Angelo,  wrapping their sounds into his very own distinctive style. Dubbed out, slowed down (but not screwed) and echoed-out, just the way we like. To me he is the undisputed king of echo chamber right now, no doubt.

Get it HERE!

Second is a more dance-oriented mix. A mix by Seiji, found months ago in the excellent Simply Good Music blog. This one has been in constant rotation for me lately, so it’s absolutely time to post it here. Quality beats on the brand new UK Funky style that is emerging from the dancefloors and pirate radios recently. It’s based on a modernization of the 2-step and UK Garage riddims. Classic Chicago and Detroit’s House lovers will dig it too.  The highlight here is the classic Neighbourhood 2009 remix by Zed Bias. Killer track really, both the original and this new version.

Get it HERE!

Third, let’s get darker with this absolutely perfect mix from Breakage, blending his own beats with David Rodigan skits (one of the big tunes of the year without a doubt), dark basslines, some remarkable drum and bass and some futuristic jamaican dub inspired beats. Breakage’s style is deeply minimal, his greater skill is creating  a groove with few elements and still sounding rich. (Taken from the FACT mix series)

Get it HERE! (DL link fixed, tracklist HERE)

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  2. Ken Scan says:

    love the boom box photo….