Theme From The Warriors (1979)

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. May-15-2010

A super classic for your collection! This is a vinyl rip from the italian 7inch edition called “I Guerrieri Della Notte”. You cannot front with the classic theme from “The Warriors” by composer Barry De Vorzon from 1979. I thought you might like taking a look at the original cover so here’s the scans also. You may already have the tune but you don’t have the italian cover art, do you?

On the A side you got the title track, while on the flip side there’s a sligthly different take used in this great chase scene.

As usual, I didnt’ remove the vinyl clicks and pops because they’re an essential part of the record in my opinion. If you want a perfectly clean version, you can find it easily on the web. To all you DJs out there, you might want to try this tunes in your set. It works great always.


8 Responses to “Theme From The Warriors (1979)”

  1. realitycheck says:

    Can you dig it?

  2. the jazzstronaut says:

    Nice little share, thanks. Dig the cover too.

  3. thx a lot!

    stay tuned: more to come!

  4. Ozzino says:

    That’s a classic during your sessions. Dope track indeed!

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  6. marcos says:

    bello! la mia copia (del 7′) porta scritto a penna sul petto del protagonista in copertina “bruno”!!! …hahahahah…

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