The Velvety Side of Dubstep: L Wiz!

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Sep-08-2009

l wizIf you call your hit “Girl from codeine city”, you definitely catch my attention. No doubt about it! Half of the job is done. This is the reason why I went to the Sub FM forum to find more about L Wiz and I found this mix from October 2008. Yeah, Sub FM forum, definitely the place to be for any dubstep fan.

L-Wiz – Cowboy Universal

Honestly speaking, I still don’t know that much about this duo from Sweden, but what I know for sure, is that this mix is in heavy rotation on my Ipod since June. That’s enough. Claes Rosèn and Ola Nàslund have the perfect touch, smooth and cool, the way I like. I love to listen to this mix when I am chilling at home, perfect if you are warming up on Friday night before you switch to something harder…you know what I mean! I love the approach, refined and gentle. They show us, at least in this mix, the velvety side of dubstep.

Listen to L Wiz 26/10/2008 @ Sub Fm


4 Responses to “The Velvety Side of Dubstep: L Wiz!”

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  2. supersinge says:

    In a kind day
    You met a kind girl
    and this kind girl
    have a kind smile
    you got to the park with the lovely girl
    and then
    you met people
    who walk on
    cool flowers

    the kind girl
    want to kiss you
    and you kiss her smoth lips

    then the kind people walk on your kind flowers and
    watch out your girl
    and then your so jalous

    then find other park
    with other flowers and may be tries
    and then fine girl
    tell you something strange
    she ask you if you yould like to go
    with her in a fine town
    if the fine girl
    ask you that
    have to ask yourself
    the folowing and important question
    where did people go ?
    who is behind the miror ?

    the kind men find kind girl
    didn’t knew that she was the slave of another bad master
    If you’ve got spicy in your brain
    know that the way you take
    bring you to the evil’s girls

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  4. [...] The Velvety Side of Dubstep: L Wiz! « Martini & Jopparelli 's … [...]