The Moonwalk History

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Jul-02-2008

Let’s do a different thing: for one time, no downloads. Only education.

Since I was a kid, I always loved Michael Jackson’s music, especially the Quincy Jones period. Let’s talk about his trademark move, the Moonwalk.

The roots of the Moonwalk are deep in the past: it’s a long long story. This foot trick is really old, 1955: did you expect that?

Bill Bailey from 1955 — Is the Moonwalk this old?

The next video was a big surprise to me: one of the dancers behind Michael in the “Bad” videoclip was actually Michael’s dance teacher, he was the guy who taught Jacko the Moonwalk, and a lot of other moves too. His name is Jeffrey Daniel.

He was also a member of 80′s band Shalamar. Their song “A night to remember” was used by Mase in “Get Ready”: do you remember that? Unfortunately I do. Terrible song: why did Puffy pick up that? That’s why some people still hate him, I guess.

In this clip Jeffrey performs over the Shalamar hit song, rocking the gayest haircut ever. Despite that, his moves are remarkable.

Shalamar (Jeffrey Daniels) – A Night To Remember

Jeffrey Daniel was around since the early ages of Soul Train: watch this astounding performance by him and his group, The Eclipse: wooooooow! Really insane. I wish I could dance like him. Well, maybe in another life.

Jeffrey Daniel, Casper Canidate and Cooley Jaxson / Jackson.wmv

9 Responses to “The Moonwalk History”

  1. IlMago says:

    tra l’altro al soul train ballano un pezzo dei jackson five

  2. Non è Jackson Five…è un pezzo da “Off The Wall” di MJ.

    Michael avrà visto il tipo e avrà detto “ok, lo compro”.

  3. IlMago says:

    cazzo e’ vero off the wall… erroraccio… cmq secondo me non sei molto lontano dalla verita’…

  4. Tutte le trasmissioni che ho visto in UK sulle merdate degli anni ’80 avevano sempre una parte sugli Shalamar e su come Michelino si fosse ispirato al tizio. Fra parentesi negli Shalamar cantava anche Jody Watley, che e’ grande amica di Eric B e Rakim, ed aveva fatto pure un pezzo con un loro featuring, Friends.
    E fra parentesi Ghostface dice “Like Shalamar in ’86″, quindi viva gli Shalamar!

  5. SeanBlaze says:

    This was great. A big fan of the site all the way from Brooklyn.

  6. thanx very much, SeanBlaze!

    glad you liked the moonwalk history.

    Gettin props from BK is kind of a big achievement for us! Thanx again.


  7. Mike says:

    oh damn I think I’ve missed it, all the videos are either down or not embedded well, maybe a direct youtube link will suffice.

    really love this blog, been checking it for quite sometime. keep up the excellent job.

    peace from Boston

  8. Thanks for your interest, Mike.

    I’ve added direct links to youtube.

    Seems like embedded videos come and go, since right now they are working.

    Anyway, check’em out