Some Classic UK Garage Vibes

Science dropped by joppa AKA Arthur Jopparelli. Apr-01-2013

Hi fellas, today I feel like going back to the early 2ks, when there was (almost) no dubstep and UK Garage ruled my world. We already posted some of these sounds (check our “Skream playing garage” post here), but i recently bought some classic vinyl from that era, and i’m playing them, enjoying them just as much as 12 years ago, so i put together a youtube playlist to preserve and share those incredibile tunes.

These joints were so influential: this is something special that happens rarely, only when electronic music is extremely well balanced. There’s something special abut those drum patterns and dark basslines that is never going to get old. And the rhytmic sections fit perfectly both with soulful vocals, ragga AND rap vocals on top: that’s another mark of perfection. Like it or not, UK Garage is still rocking the dancefloor, as DJ EZ recently demonstrated by pushing his CDJs to the max at the boiler room. Man, what a set.

DJ EZ Boiler Room x RBMA DJ Set

And here’s the tunes i bought, packed into a convenient youtube playlist. Hope you like this throwback!