Skream’s Last Mix For Mary Anne Hobbs Show

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Aug-14-2010

Check out the latest mix by Skream for Mary Anne Hobbs’ Experimental Show on Radio One. The Lady Of Dubstep is closing up the legendary show so she’s inviting all the biggest names to do exclusive mixes for the very last broadcasts.

Three years ago we said: this guy is phenomenal, we’ve never heard something like that (we were not the first nor the only one of course to say so of course).  Now, in 2010, he’s changed forever the face of club music, sold tons of records and is constantly touring worldwide. And he just put out a new album which, even if it might not satisfy everyone (but remember that dubstep is not about albums at all), it’s going to be big because it will open even wider audiences to his music.

And that’s what we got here: his sound is unmistakable, his mastery in creating alien atmospheres and building moments of tension is still off the hook and his thumping drums and epic, dark basslines are still roaring more powerful than ever.

I’ve cut the 45 mins Skream mix and got rid of the rest of the show, so you got no chitty-chatty but rather only music. If you want to listen the whole show, go HERE.  Enjoy!

Listen! SREAMIX 4 Mary Anne Hobbs’ Experimental Show