SKREAM vintage Garage Mix

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Feb-04-2008

Just a quick post to suggest you a nice podcast from the RinseFM website. Rinse FM has a lot of Dubstep stuff, but this time it’s not stricly about Dubstep, it’s about education. Dancefloor education.

On January the 9th 2008, in his Stella Session podcast, DJ Skream made a killer selection of UK Garage from the first 2k’s. He played the tracks that inspired him when he was starting djing and making music. We’re talkin bout artists like Zed Bias, Horsepower, Groove Chronicles, Wookie (nothing to do with Wookie Goldberg ;-)).


For those who don’t know, these are some of the biggest names in UK Garage, the sound that lately originated Dubstep, exposing Skream to the world’s attention for his production skills. Heavy club tracks with big dark basslines, syncopated snares and a soulful mood, all produced with a minimal attitude. That’s how I would explain what is UK Garage to my mother (I wish I’ll never have to, though ;-) ).


I used to listen a lot of that stuff a lot around 2000-2003, and I must say I still love this musical style. UK garage has many of different flavors, and I don’t like all of them, but Skream made a tight selection here! And the result is straight bangin, no doubt.

Enjoy this podcast! LISTEN (re-upped july 2012)

Update july 2012: check this out, on the same tip…enjoyyy

9 Responses to “SKREAM vintage Garage Mix”

  1. Alien zzZ says:

    Can I- Can I- Can I- Can I have some noise for the SkReaM?!!


    Jopparelli u r a BarMAn!

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  3. berlin says:

    ciao ragazzi, dove posso trovare questo mix? sul sito della rinsefm cancellano i podcast vecchi e io lo sto cercando in lungo e in largo, ma niente…

  4. Ciao

    aggiungiamo il link appena possibile.

  5. berlin says:


  6. garage girl says:

    i know this is like a MILLION years later but any chance of a re-up? been looking for this mix for aaaages

    thank you