Skream Essential Mix: This Is Dubstep!

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Jul-07-2007

Once again, let’s talk about some good contemporary music. After all, we cannot live forever in the past (even if it would be great to live -at least musically- in a never ending 60′s and 70′s limbo). Let’s keep an eye on what’s happening in electronic music nowadays.


UK’s hottest producer, Skream from Tempa Records, is pumpin out the most original and innovative sound i’ve heard lately. His sound is called Dubstep. It originates from a contamination between Dub music and 2step (what else could you expect from that name? ;-) ).


Dubstep music is sometimes similar to the sound they call Grime, but i think Wikipedia has the perfect definition: “The dubstep sound is characterised by the prevalence of sub-bass, heavily syncopated rhythms, and reggae or movie samples, amongst other influences. Like another garage hybrid, Grime, the genre uses dark sounds, but it differs from Grime in being largely instrumental”.


Skream is now 21 years old and has been producing music since the age of 15: rumors say that he produced more than 1500 tracks. His biography on Tempa web site describes clearly the origins of his sound: “At first Skream specialised in one flavour of dubstep: dark. His clipped, techy minimal style became a trademark sound. Long before grime existed, it reflected dark murky streets and sinister nights, the sound of decaying London and its frustrated communities, stuck out in satellite towns and sink estates with nothing but a PC and freely available software to channel their frustration into. Stuck in front of a PC for days on end, that’s exactly what Skream did.”

I think you can get this kind of mood if you listen his Essential Mix: there are moments of full paranoia but some passages make you emerge from those dark london suburbs and reach the sky in a tripude of psychedelic rainbows. He experiments very much with the types of sounds he uses as well. Some of them are sort of alien sounds from another galaxy. I bet this mix is a perfect one to listen while you’re playing Quake 4 on your 42-inch screen: skream’s unusual blips and buzzer sounds could help you getting the right concentration for defeating the Stroggs’ alien army. I’ll try that mission as soon as possible.


In my previous post about vintage reggae tunes you got some serious dubs from the past. In this one, about 45 years later, you’ll realize how that style is still alive and still generating new forms of musical expression. The recipe is the same: dominance of bass, heavy use of reverbs and delays. Skream is only 21, but he is standing on the shoulders of giants.

Listen SKREAM Essential Mix On Radio One! …42 killer tracks, 120 minutes as usual

click “more” for full Tracklist:

  1. Skream-Hedd Banger-Dub
  2. Skream-Percression-Dub
  3. Skream-Shake It-Dub
  4. Skream-Hurt Them-Dub
  5. Skream-Movin Snarez-Disfigured Dubz 001
  6. Mark Ashken-Size 3 (Skreamix)
  7. Skream N CLue Kid-SandSnake-Disfigured Dubz 001
  8. Skream-Lemon-Dub
  9. Warrior Queen-Take Time-Dub
  10. Skream-Chest Boxin-Tempa
  11. Skream-Dubbers Anonnymous2-Tempa
  12. Skream-2D-Tempa
  13. Zinc featuring Slarta John-Flim (Skreamix)-Dub
  14. Coki-Untitled-Big Apple Music
  15. Skream/Mala-Anti-Tapped-Dub
  16. Unknown-Alicia-Promo
  17. Skream-Nemesis-Dub
  18. Skream-The Line-Dub
  19. Skream-Tortured Soul-Tempa
  20. Benga-Skunk Tip(Skreamix)-Tempa
  21. Skream-Skwelcha-Dub
  22. Skream-Sine-Us-Dub
  23. Distance-Nightvision(Skreamix)-Dub
  24. Black Ghost-Find Some way(Skream N Plastician Refix)-Southern Fried
  25. Rusko-Jah Hova-Sub Soldiers
  26. Skream-Losin Control-Tempa
  27. Magnetic MAn-What’s Happenin?-Dub
  28. Coki-BloodThirst-Dub
  29. Skream-Wobble That Gut-Dub
  30. Slazenger-8ateBall
  31. Skream ft Warrior Queen-Check It-Tempa
  32. Coki-SpongeBob-Big Apple
  33. Skream-Oskillata-Dub
  34. Skream-Murdera-Dub
  35. Neon Hitch-Derek(BiPolarMen Refix)-The Beats
  36. Skream-Make Me(DistanceRemix)-Dub
  37. SeventeenEvergreen-Ensoniq(BiPolarMen Refix)-Dub
  38. Skream-Krash-Dub
  39. Skream-Midnight RequestLine-Tempa
  40. Skream-C.R.O Dub-Dub
  41. Klaxons-Not Over Yet(Skreamix)-EMI
  42. Benga-Untitled

Skream Essential Mix 17/06/2007 by Bbcessentialmix on Mixcloud


20 Responses to “Skream Essential Mix: This Is Dubstep!”

  1. Leoescobar says:

    Sono Leo di hip hop state of mind non so’ dove scriverti ma avevo in mente di farti una intervista che poi postero’ sul mio blog se ti va fatti sentire ciao.Tante belle cose qua comunque.

  2. Michele says:

    come stai ?
    seguo sempre vs. selections nonostante il devastante trasloco ….!
    I hope to see you very soon !

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  4. Rythmik says:

    oh shit…this post was b4 I got onto this blog..that does it, yall are goin on my top list of sites hahaha…great work, Skream has some sick stuff, still waitin on dubstep to catch on hard here in DC…

  5. Yes Rhytmik, I guess Dubstep is more a UK thing right now….but I’m sure this vibe will blow up worldwide soon.

    Some tracks by Skream, Benga and Plastician are too sick to be ignored… one day the rest of the world will follow….

    ..and that day, you’ll finally have Skream on MTV featuring Christina Aguilera live from DC! ha ha, just jokin…


  6. Rythmik says:


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  8. Moomande says:

    Scary stuff, the tracks on Skream’s EM creeps you out n yet make u move in the wickedest way possible. Any clues of his gigs anytime soon, I wanna get scared dancing my heart out :)

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  10. TheDonDev says:

    where can i download juz track # 24.Black Ghost-Find Some way(Skream N Plastician Refix)-Southern Fried

  11. You’re lucky, I have that one on vinyl and I ripped that some time ago. I will post a link here this evening.

    Feel free to give me something back ;-)


  12. Lee says:

    Word Great mix..didn’t even listen to the mix till the other week” 2008-June.
    It is quite ignorant of me”..I thought the mix was going to be all (Wo-Wo)
    as some of Skream’s tracks have be come :- (
    That A said The Mix Is Fantastic!!!..Really pushing the sound forward ;- )
    All the best..To One & all!!!!!,


  13. Thankx lee!

    I agree with you, some Skream tracks are so minimal they become boring.

    This mix is nearly flawless though.


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  15. Great discussion. And I REALLY like that you practice what you preach. That’s when you can tell a post has come together.
    And I’m also fascinated by how fresh you made the routine [admit it: what you just shared has been regurgitated millions of time. ;-)].
    Ben Johnson said people don’t need taught as much as they need reminding.
    Good work.

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