Simbad In The Mix

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Sep-14-2010

Welcome back, did you like our latest post about house music back in 1999? It’s time for some contemporary dance music once again. A couple of years ago, an emerging DJ impressed me quite a lot by sampling the great Isaac Hayes in such a remarkable manner, a hypnotic and classy production effort. That’s how I first noticed Simbad.

Being aficionados at Gilles Peterson‘s Worldwide Festival in Sète, we then had the chance to see the man in action  a couple of times and believe me, he’s awesome. He’s always surprising and original while paying the right dues to the classics, and he manages to match different musical styles in quite a smooth way. He represents the old to the new, just the way we like here.

His sets are like an exotic journey, he takes you trough different landscapes and when you finally arrive at destination, not only you’ll be quite satisfied, but you might also have a brighter picture of where contemporary club music is going.

If you’re into old stuff like classic house music, funky house, disco, deep soulful house and stuff like that, and you can’t find anything that satisfies you on the new musical scene, check this mix and let us know what you think! (click the arrow to download)