Hatcha and Gilles Peterson: Land Of 1000 (different) Dances.

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Mar-10-2009

Hi everybody, after a great week of music and celebrations we’re ready to go again.

This time I want to focus on a couple of great mixes  I’ve been listening to over and over recently. And when I can listen stuff repeatedly without getting bored….that means it’s Music-Selections matherial! We got a high-energy mix and a more relaxed one for you.


First mix is by Dubstep pioneer Hatcha, the guy who took Skream and Benga in the game. A really good set, full of dope new stuff. However, I really dig the first part of the mix, while the rest is too “techy” for my taste, so i cut the second part. If you’re interested in the full mix, you can find it  here. The highlight of this session is surely the 3k Lane remix, my favourite futuristic tune out right now.

Here’s the first 10 trackz, 30 mins:

1. Crazi cousinz – Do You Mind (LD mix)
2. Benga – Buzzin
3. Benny Page – Take You Back
4. Benga – Telecom
5. Kutz and Gritz – Teeth
6. Benga – Desending
7. Skream – Rolling
8. Mala – Eyez
9. Jakes – 3k Lane (remix)
10. Benga – The Ping Pong

LISTEN!  Hatcha’s killer selection on Kiss100 from February 2009

After this hyped up beats, you need to calm down, so that’s where the second mix comes useful.


The second mix is a special Gilles Peterson show, playin strictly vinyl from his huge collection, called the Brownswood Basement (There is also a hip hop edition of the show from 2008, you can find it here).

Just a quick excerpt from his biography that impressed me: “[About his work on Jazz FM radio station] He was forced to leave the station after making anti-war comments during the 1st Gulf War.”. Well, big up for this,  and much respect to Gilles! (Don’t you find it silly that the so-called Pro-Life politicians are often Pro-War too? In Italy we have this kind of shit heads too. Disgusting. Better go back to music.)

It’s a must have because he plays all the good stuff we’re feelin right now, from a special Blue Note Records selection to some killer percussion-heavy latin grooves. He ends the set with a very intersting psychedelic-rock sequence which kinda surprised me because I didn’t expect liking it so much, considering that I’m not into rock music usually.

You’ll be surprised with the top-notch quality of this selection, really flawless. Two hours of deep and different vibrations.

Gilles Peterson – Back in Brazil

Enjoy! and let us know what you think about it of course…

Listen! Gilles Peterson Brownswood basement special, Feb 19th 2009

7 Responses to “Hatcha and Gilles Peterson: Land Of 1000 (different) Dances.”

  1. djmp45 says:

    la selezione di gilles peterson e’ paura (quella blue note)…quella hip hop un po’ meno….

  2. Ma questo che passaggio è??? Geniale!!!!

    Sun Ra – Sounds (Saturn)
    Jeru the Damaja – Come Clean (Payday) 1994
    Sun Ra – Space is the Place (Blue Thumb) 1973

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  4. fritzthecat says:

    I used to record those radio Radio 1 shows on tape, and heard the one when he was sacked. He didn’t even say anything – his show was just after a news summary, he simply played Edwin Starr’s “War! What Is It Good For” straight after the news of the invasion… perfect.

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