Get Your Grime On: Free Cookies From Butterz

Science dropped by joppa AKA Arthur Jopparelli. May-13-2011

Hey everybody, here we are with some cutting edge grime beats from UK. Don’t know what grime is? Check the wikis, it’s all there! Here’s an excerpt, you know sometimes it’s better let the experts find the proper words. But be aware that it’s essentially a UK thing. Some things happen only in the UK!

[...] grime is an amalgamation of UK Garage with a bit of drum’n'bass, dancehall, a splash of punk and a touch of hip-hop thrown in for good measure. [...] grime has developed a fierce sound by “distilling” rhythms to a minimal style resulting in a choppy, off-centre sound. Whereas hip hop is inherently dance music, grime sounds as if it had been made for a boxing gym, one where the fighters have a lot of punching to do but not much room to move. [...] grime has maintained a style distinct from American hip hop, with clear Jamaican and Caribbean influences. “

There are millions of labels, but Butterz is the sh*t right now if you ask me. It’s a crew from East London that claims theirselves as “The leaders of the new Grime wave” and you can’t deny that. They put out instumental tracks for the most and have a very distinctive concept on how to make beats that sound epic, funky, very much synth-filled (in a good way) and defintely very much hip hop as well.

Now that’s curious because I can’t stand most of american Hip Hop right now while I find this stuff from the UK is much more loyal to the original spirit of hip hop. The tunes are hardcore, ruff n rugged and tested on the dancefloor, for real. The crowd chooses the next hits, not an A&R. The MCs do their proper “Master OF Ceremony work” instead of tellin you how much money they have.  There’s a lot of competition between the crews as well, tryin to emerge with the next anthem. That’s is much more “hip hop” than the USA rap chart.

If you know how the world of underground dance music Label works, things go in cycle: each label has a state of grace period, a certain span of time where they are on fire and keep puttin out bangers after bangers. That’s exaclty the precise moment for Elijah & Skilliam’s label. They signed great artists and found their distinctive sound. Now I could spend hours trying to describe how it sounds like, but i feel it’s better to go straight to the music.

So here’s a few links to get the cookies you’ve been waitin for:

Check 3 FREE TRACKS here, including a killer Terror Danjah one and the most EPIC SOUNDING beat ever, S-X’s “Bricks”.

Check a lot of material and references here, including 50 recommended Grime sets (yes, 50). Is that enough?

To get a grip, check this great set from the Boiler Room, get playlist and video HERE as well:

Boiler Room #27 Hyperdub Takeover: Terror Danjah’s Undeniable Album Session

And finally, here’s a brand new Swindle mix: HERE