Flying Lotus Essential Mix: Experiment The Future!

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Nov-29-2008

The BBC Essential Mix show added another great chapter. This time on the decks is a super eclectic artist-producer from California: Flying Lotus. We first heard him in the Benji B Deviation Show and we both are really into his music right now, so let’s see if our readers dig this one as much as they liked the Skream one.


Being nephew to the great Alice Cotrane, it’s no surprise that this man was born with a natural talent for music encoded into his DNA. He is now signed to Warp Records, along with legends like Aphex Twin and Mark Pritchard: no doubt that Warp is “THE” label for experimental electronic music.


He takes electronic music to new levels of creativity. You’ll hear deep influences from Jazz, Hip hop and Classic Soul wrapped up in a very raw, “lo-fi” envelope, with static noise, buzzin synth sounds and bleeps all along. Don’t know if this description makes sense, but he really transcends the usal categories. Let’s check his myspace (which is also graphically beautiful in my opinion, given that i usually hate myspace pages. He got also a 80′s videogame and Marty Mc Fly Shoes! Respect): he defines himself Hip Hop/Experimental/Psychedelic. If you ask me, his sound is the future of both soul and hip hop music, it is like their natural evolution.


The set starts with a great intro by Miss Coltrane, then it goes quite heavy with a lot of productions by himself, a couple of dubstep tunes blended in (further proof that dubstep is the shit right now!), and even some smoother and soulful moments. The first part is heavier, the second more melodic. A two-hour journey into his sounds, you won’t be disappointed.

Click “more” for full tracklist: 69 tracks…ridiculous:

  1. Alice Coltrane – Galaxy In Turiya
  2. Charlie Hayden and Egberto Gisomonti and Gonjasufi – Testament
  3. Flying Lotus – Massage Situation (Stripped)
  4. Dimlite – Sun Sized Twinkles
  5. Flying Lotus feat Dolly – Robertaflack
  6. Flying Lotus – Robertaflack (Mike Slott Reflunk)
  7. Ahu – I Know All The Bitches (Bullion mix)
  8. Heralds Of Change – Amuse
  9. Carlos Y Gaby – Happy Summer Solstice
  10. Pudge – Yung Infamous
  11. Dorothy Ashby – Myself When Young
  12. Nosaj Thing – Bach
  13. LL – Turf Day
  14. Flying Lotus – Infinitum (Dimlite mix)
  15. Clark – Springtime Epigram
  16. Burial – Shutta
  17. Blank Blue – Blank Blue (Flying Lotus mix)
  18. Daedelus – Im String Struck
  19. MHE – ?
  20. Daedelus and Madvillain – Experience/Accordion (Flying Lotus live mix)
  21. Hudson Mohawke – Zoo0000oom
  22. Rustie – Black Block (remix)
  23. Teebs and Jackhigh – Idea 1 (Clutch)
  24. Matthewdavid – Tallahassee Tapes
  25. Martyn and Flying Lotus – Vancouver/Pet Monster Shotglass
  26. Fulgeance – Chico (Dorian Concept mix)
  27. Joker – Solid State
  28. Rusko – Moanerz
  29. Daddy Kev – Invite8
  30. Ras G – Star Messenger
  31. Madlib – Unreleased Gem
  32. SAMIYAM – Cheesecake Backslap
  33. Knowledge – Dawn
  34. Flyamsam – Princess Toadstool
  35. Sa-Ra – Hollywood
  36. Muhsinah and Flying Lotus – With Me/Melt
  37. Flying Lotus – Dissecto
  38. Flying Lotus – Breathe
  39. Mike Slott – Home
  40. Flying Lotus – Sangria Spin Cycles (ambient mix)
  41. Danny Breaks – Cosmic Dust
  42. Flying Lotus – Beginners Falafel (Free The Robots mix)
  43. SAMIYAM – Falafel Cannon
  44. Flying Lotus – Beginners Falafel
  45. Slum Village – Players (instrumental mix)
  46. Flying Lotus – Cackle
  47. Flying Lotus – Raise It Up
  48. Osborne – Definition Of A Breakdown
  49. Baron Zen – Burn Rubber (Dam-Funk mix)
  50. Mono/Poly – Needsdeodorantbitch
  51. Chocolate Star and Nelly Furtado – Stay With Me/Promiscuous
  52. Gonjasufi – Suzie Q
  53. Kiing Midas – Lost (Flying Lotus live mix)
  54. Rusko and Flying Lotus – Terminal3 / Tea Leaf (Dancers live mix)
  55. Daedelus – Hours Minutes Seconds (beat invitational version)
  56. Kode9 and Flying Lotus – Kryon
  57. Zomby – Spliff Dub (Rustie mix)
  58. Busta Rhymes – What Up
  59. SAMIYAM – Crystal Lake
  60. Weather Report – River People
  61. SAMIYAM – Flintstone Car
  62. Flying Lotus – Backpack Caviar
  63. Radiohead – Reckoner (Flying Lotus mix)
  64. Bjork – All Is Full Of Love
  65. Broadcast – Winter Now
  66. Portishead – Elysium
  67. Linda Perhacks – Hey Now Who Really Cares
  68. Flying Lotus – Infinitum (Exile mix)
  69. Flying Lotus – Live Set Practice Run

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  1. carwhy says:

    WOW!!! this is like j dilla meets the aphex twin on druks…

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  3. neil says:

    Thanks for posting this, such a great mix.

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  6. YUNG_WUN says:

    great actual fact link with me on future status

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  9. ilMago aka Magic Johnson says:

    reup pleaze!