Extravaganza Selection! 25 Songs You Need To Listen.

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Feb-02-2009

Back to music selections, literally! It’s been a long time since we don’t give you a playlist, so here it is: a bunch of tunes i’m feelin right now. As we always say, the internet got us overloaded with way too much music to listen to … you got to separate the crap from the good stuff. And that’s where your favourite blog comes in help.


As usually, there’s a little bit of everything, we present to you different flavours and influences. I know some of you will be disappointed seeing Diamond D back-to-back with Dizzy Gillespie, Alan Braxe and Zomby, but this is how we do it here, you know the deal. We’we been crossing-over sounds for more than two years, and we won’t stop.

If you are still bound to only one specific type of music, just be aware that your favourite artist or producer most likely listens everything. You don’t become DJ Premier or Timbaland by listening only hip hop, OK?

So let’s go with the tracklist, roll with us!


Alan Braxe – Horizon
Artwork – Red
Bandit – plastic 101

First tracks are something like like “France vs. UK”: what a match! French House maestro Alan Braxe gives a sample of his trademark spaced out disco while UK’s response is Artwork’s Red, one of the bass-wobbling tracks that originated dubstep from UK Garage back in the early 2000s. France then replies with one of the latest Busy P selections. He is the guy that discovered Daft Punk and started this French storm on the dancefloors worldwide, so pay attention.

Brick – Dazz
Cerrone – Generique
CTI All Stars – Red Clay (Part 1) – live
Deodato – Spirit Of Summer (live)

A classic funk-soul sequence that needs no comments, except for the intrusion of Cerrone’s track to clarify where that French sound cited before comes from. Cerrone is like the Bob Marley of European Disco…a great master.

Diamond, Sadat X & Lord Finesse – The Shit Is Real
Dizzy Gillespie – Jambo
Harmonic 313 – Call To Arms

Different flavors here. If you want to know Hip Hop, Jazz and Electronica, you got to listen the great names, the artist that everybody pay respect to. Meet Diamond, Finesse, Gillespie and Mark Pritchard.


Herbie Mann & the Tommy Mc Cook Band – My Girl
Karl Hector and The Malcouns – Sahara Swing
Kool Keith – Bear Witness
Latee – No Tricks (DJ Shadow remix)

A soul classic revisited in reggae style with the magic flute of Herbie Mann. Then, still afro-centric vibes with title track from a really beautiful album we discovered thanks to Superfly Mag. On with a couple of great hip hop tracks: the first by the king of Extravaganza, Kool Keith, the second is taken from the early DJ Shadow‘s work. If you like him, get the rest here!


Les Mc Cann – Soaring (at sunset) part II
Mahavisnu Orchestra – You Know You Know
Natasja – Ildebrand I Byen (2000F Remix)

Classic fusion jazz with Les Mc Cann (man, I really dig fusion lately!). A very influential artist, you can find his music everywhere from a Pete Rock or Premier joint to my favourite TV show,  LOST. Those high-on-acid hippies you see in the pic are the Mahavisnu Orchestra. Their track was sampled by Massive Attack in their brilliant “One Love“, featuring the great Horace Andy. Third track (back to dubstep) is by 2000F. This guy is one hell of a remixer, check this bomb.


Nice And Smooth – Early To Rise
Opio – On The Outside Lookin In
Raekwon – Rainy Days remix

Old school to new school. Which one is better? In this case both. The Rainy Days remix comes from Dirty Waters blog, hosted by our friend DJ Nes. Go check it out!

Revolte – Guess What
Rufus feat. Chaka Khan – Tell Me Something Good
The Back Home Choir – Come Out The Wilderness

First track is another French banger from 2008, then a classic tune I love  since I heard the UGK version. Last but not least, a dope Gospel joint I found in this cool-ass blog.

Wildchild – The League (instrumental)
Zomby – Strange Fruit

Last two tracks and we’re done. The best Madlib party instrumental IMHO, brought to light by Benji B deviation selections. Zomby’s new shit is also very cool, dont miss it…. Well kids, I’m tired after all this writing, so let the music play!

Listen! 25 songs (LINK UPDATED) selected with lots of extravaganza by yours truly. Peace.

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  1. Ozzino says:

    Thank you guys…and cool post indeed!

  2. oldschoolfunker says:

    fantastic blog, i love your content, will be back to read a lot! your going on my blogroll.

  3. We are glad you like it.


  4. yamin says:

    Great stuff! Thanks.

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  6. stateside African says:

    Yeah, One day Africa Asia & Latin America will make 3 records worth “listening to”.

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  9. Miss Soul says:

    I guess the file is not still there, since it’s been over almost a year that this has been posted. I wish I found your blog earlier…
    Anyway, you are doing a great job, you are listening to great music and I am going to add you to my blogroll.

    Many kisses from Greece

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