DnB is dead long live Dubstep! – Plastician May 2006

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Dec-03-2007

Is there a place on the net where you can find a post about Yusef Lateef and few days later one about Plastician? Nah, I don’t think so! It happens only here and we are proud of it.

We have been already taught by Mr Jopparelli about Dubstep in his previous post on Skream, so it does not make any sense to repeat the lesson. You are good pupils, aren’t you? Let’s move forward and talk about this amazing DJ and producer. His name is now Plastician (what a name, crazy indeed, I love it) but before was Plasticman. He did change his name because he was threatened with legal action by Canadian techno artist Richie Hawtin also known as Plastikman. This maybe was a revenge as Richie Hawtin in the past was billed by Richie Rich for the same issue. Ok, after this story you can call me Gossipman :) ! What was the point? Yesss, the music…

The first 10 minutes of this mix are simply fantastic. This sound is like a door to the future, is a music supernova. Vio-lent and Japan are the two tracks I would use to describe the 2007. Musically speaking I mean.

So f*#k what you hear in your regular club, this is two dubstep forward. Nobody dares to play music like he does. Ok folks, if you have already done with the Yusef album now it’s time to speed up a little bit. (I am sure all the Jazz lovers would not appreciate Plastician as I am cetain that all the kids didn’t like the Lateef work. But this is how we do!).



01. Slu Dem – Grime (Plastician Intro)
02. Plastician – Vio-Lent
03. Plastician – Japan (Flying Dagger)
04. Plastician – Shallow Grave 2005
05. Rossi B & Luca – Nobody Knows
06. Benga – Still Rockin
07. Skream – 0800
08. Plastician – Hocus Pocus
09. Geeneus – Dark Boy
10. Terror Danjah – Top Producer Remix
11. Spyro – Gem
12. Imperial – X Files
13. Jammer – Shangooli
14. Digital Mystikz – Shattered
15. Wiley – Gangsterz
16. Geeneus – Parasite 2006
17. Triple Threat f/ Various – No Respect
18. Terror Danjah – Untitled
19. Scratchy – Shangooli (Wiley Remix)

[Joppa:] Hey Marty, I guess readers are getting upset with our selections!

Hip Hop fans, they’re upset because we like Plastician, which sounds like Lil’Jon on heroin.

Jazz fanatics, they’re upset because we like hip hop: it’s not music, it’s just stealing samples!

Dubstep warriors: they’re upset because we post about Jazz concerts where nobody is wearing Adidas suits.

Plastician – And the award goes to…

6 Responses to “DnB is dead long live Dubstep! – Plastician May 2006”

  1. brk says:

    DnB is dead… lol

    F… !!!

  2. J says:

    DNB is dead? im sorry.. what..

    just play the music, dont express your mind you fool!

    • ha ha.

      That was a deliberate defiance by mr. Martini.

      Anyway, I believe that jungle will survive longer than DNB.

      Jungle tunes from the 90s still sound fresh, while any DNB tune from the 2k or later already sounds old if you listen that now.

  3. B!SHoPuSan says:

    DnB never die !