DJ Spinna’s Tribute To Larry Levan

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Oct-06-2009

Well, after hatin on Facebook for some time  and being like “goin on FB? Better dead” we’ve joined the darkside. And now, after  being in it for a few months, I can’t say it’s completely negative. We’ve met new friends, we promoted our blog and we’re now in touch with music lovers like us worldwide, more than before. Thanks everybody.

But the best part is being able to get at what your music idols have to say in real time. So when yesterday DJ Spinna posted a tribute mix to Larry Levan i immediately grabbed it, and of course found out it was M&J matherial. But this is not all: let’s read what he has to say about music. I really got nothing to add, it sounds ike the perfect manifesto for this blog also. Amen.

” I have been fortunate to have lived through periods in time where soul, jazz, latin, funk, hip hop, rock, disco, new wave, reggae, house, techno, freestyle, punk, original electro etc, significantly impacted new york club life and dj culture. Discriminating against musical genres is something I consider intolerant. If there’s an ounce of soul in it, it works for me. “

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“Many know my name as a producer in the world of hip hop, others from house music. Some people may not know me from any of my recorded work and only as a DJ. But, however you know me, understand that whatever I indulge myself in musically, my soul goes in.”


Miles Davis said there’s only two kinds of music, good and bad. Thats all that really matters to me. I refuse to be put in a box, and I detest being controlled. I’m musically free and I do what I want to do.”

DJ Spinna


And now, let’s jump into the 80s once again. For the few of you who need musical bearings, you’re about to listen how Funk evolved into Disco Music, giving birth to what we call House Music and all this “Club Culture” stuff we have today. Enjoy.

Listen DJ Spinna paying homage to THE dj.      HERE

4 Responses to “DJ Spinna’s Tribute To Larry Levan”

  1. djmp45 says:

    dunno if i’m doing sometthing wrong, but i tried to listen to it aand it says that you have to donate to podmatic to listen to it.

  2. yes there’s something wrong: you are a leecher!
    you want all free now uh? you are killing music!

  3. djmp45 says:

    in fact i’m downloading kanye and 9th wonder discography at the moment

  4. djmp45 says:

    but i’m sorry to disappoint you, so if you have a link where i can buy spinna cd i’ll buy straight away