DJ Marky – Boiler Room “Roots Of Marky” Set

Science dropped by joppa AKA Arthur Jopparelli. May-31-2014

Welcome back, this time i want to point you towards a very nice set by Brazilian legend DJ Marky. He’s known for drum n’ bass but he also loves other styles of music since he’s a huge record collector and vinyl junkie. Through the interview and the set you can feel his genuine passion for music, something we can relate to very much. I mean, this guy  owns 12000 records and he filled his house, his mother’s house and his sister’s house with them.Vinyl requires commitment, no doubt.

Marky plays 3 hours from his living room, spinnin everything that influenced him: from brazilian vibes to disco, funk edits and of course drum n bass. At the end of the first hour, he plays an excellent (and still unreleased, even though i have it :-) ) remix of Johnny Hammond “Los Conquistadores Chocolates” by my man Moplen. Italy representin in Brazil! You really cannot sleep on this one.

Boiler Room Brazil DJ Marky DJ Set (Influences)

Listen the full audio set (3 hours) and download the audio Here on Boiler Room site