Disco Is Dead but Hip Hop Lives: 2 Great Mixes By Cut Chemist

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Jan-20-2011

Welcome back, this time we got two crazy fresh mixes by one of the greatest Djs ever. He jumped on the Soundcloud bandwagon and dropped two gems for his fans. Let’s see what he got.

Disco Is Dead: He’s mixin old disco classics his very own way, cutting sounds with great taste and performing some mind-blowing blends.

What is remarkable to me is that if you listen this mix, and then you play the original full tracks in sequence, you are disappointed because the same tracks might sound boring, dated and sometimes totally wack without the DJ contribution.

This is what makes a great DJ: never let a record spinnin too much or too little. Cut the vocal parts or focus on the vocal parts whether they contribute on the mix balance. Thats experience, check out the way he drops it.

Listen! Cut Chemist – Disco Is Dead (1973-1979)

Hip Hop Lives: We’ve heard a million old school hip hop mixes, so why would you listen one more hip hop mix with the same tunes? Well, first of all because it’s not “the same tunes”.

It’s pretty much all rare stuff and rare versions actually, like an alternate version of Wu “Tearz” or the Liquid Swords instrumental. Check the “MTV” version of Naughty By Nature’s “OPP”, you know like “YOU DOWN WITH MTV? YEAH YOU KNOW ME”, very funny.

Moreover, he blends Nas’ “Represent” with Tribe’s “Stir It Up” at the very precise moment where both songs go “represent!”. If that’s not enough for you to dig this, please pull over.

Listen! Cut Chemist – Hip Hop Lives (1985-1996)

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