Dave Clarke – Electro Boogie!!!

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Jan-02-2007

This is a killer mix. An essay about real Electro Funk, a term which is often misused nowadays. In fact, it might get confused with the post-2000 house music style which had some good moments but its generally cheap. We’re rather talking about  a glorious artistic legacy from the past here.

Released on label K7 in 1998, this mix by Dave Clarke shows why he is considered a veteran in electro music.


Born in Brighton – UK, Dave Clarke is basically a techno dj, but when he plays electro he sure knows what he is doing. In this mix he drops some electro classics from the 80′s (World Class Wrecking Crew above all, when Dr. Dre used to rock eyeliners while operating in Surgery) and some Detroit-based electro from the 90′s. See the complete playlist HERE.

World Class Wreckin Cru ft. Dr. Dre – Surgery (dJ dAb Overdub) 1984 Live Performance

Dave’s mixing on this one is truly amazing, the selection is well balanced and flows away without being boring for a second. It’s not strictly a old school hip hop selection, but rather it’s about showing how this syle influenced all kind of music. Judge by yourself!

Listen Dave Clarke’s Electro Boogie vol.2: The Throwdown

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