Daft Punk Essential Mix 01-01-1999: The French Touch Manifesto

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Sep-01-2010

It’s now time to post something that I deeply love. Something that has been crucial to my evolution as a music fanatic. House music is the topic.

1999, what a year.

The Hip Hop scene was slowly decaying in wackness, while the house scene was experimenting a second youth. A whole new breeze in club music was brought by those french guys known as Daft Punk. Everybody knows them nowadays so I won’t speak a lot about their musical genius.

What you gotta know is they where not alone, there was a whole army of french talents behind them, and here you have a sample of music from all those people. The now legendary French Touch movement that caught respect worldwide.

The foundation of Daft Punk sound is classic house, techno, disco, hip hop and funk music. They absorbed everything and created a perfectly balanced blend. A lot easier to say than to do, since pratically every deejay at the time was carrying a daft punk record in his bag.

Here we have a classic essential selection from BBC Radio One, recently broadcasted again. I listened this mix thousands of times, it was one of my first downloads ever and, as I always say, it still sounds crazy fresh after 11 years.

Now you might understand why I used the word genius right above.

Listen! Legendary Daft Punk Essential Mix from 1999

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4 Responses to “Daft Punk Essential Mix 01-01-1999: The French Touch Manifesto”

  1. romo says:

    One of the best Radio one special guest mix!!

  2. djmp45 says:


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