Blackdown’s UK Garage And Dubstep Lesson

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Nov-06-2008

Our post about Skream’s vintage garage podcast was one of our most successful ever. Now that’s funny because I guess it was not only because Skream’s one of the hottest DJs out now, but also because of the use of the word “Wookie”, which apparently is one of the top searches in Google.

I was not speaking about Chewbacca of course (even if i put a nice pic of Han Solo’s mate), but rather about the legendary producer outta UK.


Well, if  that word is so powerful, let’s make another post including Wookie and UK garage music!

This is a podcast from RinseFM and the DJ is Blackdown, one of the pioneers of the Dubstep movement, the guy who put together the classic compilation “The Roots Of Dubstep” on Tempa Records. This set starts with a Wookie Tune I never heard before, “Far East”, a really really good one.


I love this set, it’s a nearly flawless one both for selection and mixing.

Blackdown spins some classic UK Garage Jams (Steve Gurley’s remix of Missy Elliott’s “Hot Boyz” and Miss Dynamite “Boo” are two of my favs) along with new Dubstep and Grime tunes of absolute quality. There’s also a refix of Wiley’s latest anthem, “Wearing my rolex” with Beenie Man vocals magistrally added by Heatwave (and the good news is you can also download this track from their website). A killer tune that demonstrates the affinity between Jamaican and UK urban music. Probably that’s why so many people (me included) are really into both styles.

By the way, Beenie Man is a very community-aware artist. He founded a school where he teaches young girls how to eat ice cream properly, did you knew that?


Check also the two unreleased tracks by Joker, an emerging producer from Bristol who really impressed me with the freshness of his 80′s-synth-funk-infused kind of dubstep. Check this video too, the boy’s got skills.

Stuck in a System by JOKER

Enjoy! Blackdown Live on RinseFM 2nd October 2008, and don’t forget to check out his blog too.

Listen! Blackdown on Rinse oct 2, 2008

(re-upped sept 2010)

click “more” for full tracklist

Dusk + Blackdown Rinse FM Oct 08 tracklist:

Wookie “Far East” (Manchu)
Ms Dynamite “Boo” (FFRR/Social Circles)
Sunship “Cheque One-Two” (Filter)
El-B and Nude “Reality” (Shelflife)
Hotboys “Hotboys (vocal)” (Hotboys)

Zomby “Helter Skelter” (unreleased)
Asher D “MO pt2 ft Durrty Goodz and Sway” (unreleased)
Gemmy “Johnny 5 0″ (unreleased)
Joker “Do it” (unreleased)
Zomby “Notes From the Underground” (unreleased)
Starkey “Gutter Music VIP (demo)” (unreleased)

Scratcha DVA “Bullet A Go Fly ft Badness, Riko, Flowdan and Killa P” (unreleased)
Joker “Solid State” (unreleased)
Guido “Beautiful Complication remix” (unreleased)
Blackdown “deFocused” (dubplate)
Shortstuff “Regression” (unreleased)
Jtreole “The Loot [Sully rmx]” (unreleased)
Sully “Reminder” (unreleased)
Ramadanman “Dayride” (Soul Jazz unreleased)
Skream “Memories of 3rd Base (Eyes Down)” (unreleased)

Pinch “Midnight Oil” (unreleased)
Unknown “unknown” (unreleased)
Grevious Angel “Move Down Low (funky remix)” (unreleased)
Wiley v Heatwave “Wearing my Rolex refix” (unreleased)
Kontext “Plumes (Ramadanman remix)” (unreleased)
Dot Rotten “Talking the Hardest” (unreleased)
Geeneus “Knife and Gun ft Riko, Wiley and Breeze (Blackdown remix)” (Keysound dubplate)

13 Responses to “Blackdown’s UK Garage And Dubstep Lesson”

  1. Kashyyyk-79 says:

    This is the second time I reach your f…in blog while lookin for some dope-ass Wookie costume…
    Stop spoiling the web with your geek music please.

  2. LOL

    As I said, you’re not the only one…

    Ok, this is the last time I promise!


  3. djmp45 says:

    is chewbecca touching leila’s boob?

  4. IlMago says:

    tra l’altro anche il nostro top post ‘Blue Eyes meets Bed Stuy’ contiene star wars… chiudiamo baracca e apriamo un blog su Lost.

  5. djmp45 says:

    no, uno su star wars “chewbecchini & solorelli”… :)

  6. Wood says:

    Hey guys. First off, thanks.

    But the tracklist and the hyperlink connected to “Rinse FM” does not compare. Its certainly from another mix/ the podcast.

    All i know is: there is no DJ mujava in the DL’ed mix, as it says on the list.
    The mix of Wiley (Wearing my rolex) is not mentioned in the tracklist, though it is in the mix.

  7. hi wood.

    to be honest, i didn’t check the rinse FM link. Maybe they messed up the links.

    Anyway, I’m sure the other link is correct.

    Let us know if you need an alternative link.


  8. MY FAULT!

    the tracklist was the wrong one…


  9. Nii says:

    Hot boyz – Steve G remix – I have been looking for this tune for ages. I thought I’d never hear it again after scouring the web for ages.

    UKG – Makes me so sad, thinking of those good days!

  10. ross says:

    hi i am desperately searching the web for this set!!! can anybody help me PLEASE!!!!!

  11. Blackdown says:

    Bigup for all the comments here. Btw Ross, did you know all our Rinse shows are archived here?