Benga & Skream: What a Night!

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Mar-03-2009

Skream Benga Crazy D @ Meduza Stage, Sziget Festival 2007.

Definitely one of the best DJ sets we have ever been in our entire life. Nowadays there is really nothing musically comparable with a Dubstep night (imho). Benga and Skream are the future, they are shaping the music of tomorrow. Last night we proudly witnessed to this. If you got a chance to attend to one of their show…don’t hesitate. Next year could be too late!!!


Nice but short interview:

Skream & Benga Interview — a Exclusive

8 Responses to “Benga & Skream: What a Night!”

  1. LoL the guy at 2.36 seems to have just won a championship!
    that’s the attitude every dj wants to see on the dancefloor!

  2. Duccio says:

    last time i saw the two guys with Crazy D was the past summer in London at the party for the Skream “Watch the Ride” launch party…AMAZING…Eastern Jam by Chase an Status was unrelased at the time and it was played like twice…damn!!! everytime i listen a benga or skream set i come back shocked…

  3. Ozzino says:

    I’ve not gone deeply into it yet…but no doubt the sound is something never heard before

  4. whatever says:

    it’s music for kids!

  5. whatever says:

    “he sound is something never heard before”…doesn’t mean is good though

  6. Duccio says:


    anyway..i love Skeam for his deep deep deep chest of dubplate…love dubplate like “lemon” (the first he play in this video after the “midnight request line” intro)…like one year ago i found a list of skream dubplate ….whole heap a title =)

    unu readyyyy fi deeeeeeee jaaaaaaaaay skreeeeam

    p.s. thaks Marty for the passing thoug passing through =)