Adam F – Circle / Bob James – Westchester Lady

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Mar-19-2007

Let me post a real Drum’n'Bass classic!!! Adam F is a genius, no shit about it. If you got a different opinion, I challenge you to prove me wrong, can you?. He grew up listening to early Hip Hop, as we all did, so respect! With this background he has naturally moved to Drum’n’bass. He is from Liverpool, you have to consider that. I said naturally because Hip Hop and Drum’n’bass are really link up, check DJ Chucky if you want an example of what I am talking about. He also shaped his music on some classic artists such as Bob James and Quincy Jones among others. Just to make you understand where he gets his melodic and smooth touch. 


His 1998 debut album, Colours,  is strictly Drum’n’bass. Not just that, it’s a milestone. And you know, if you drop a milestone, an album which gives influence to an whole movement, that’s mean you have done a classic. That is my definition of classic by the way.  

Adam F has a great reputation in the Hip Hop world. He has worked with Missy Elliot, Busta Rhymes, De La Soul, LL Cool J, Guru, Noreaga, M.O.P and Redman. He was supposed to be one of the best Rap producers around, but he should have stayed more focused on the DnB sound in my opinion. You better choose what you can do best. Better be one of the best Drum’n’bass producers than be an average Rap producer.  

The song Circle is probably his most famous hit. He has climbed the chart back in the ’90 with this powerful track. This song rip off a sample from the great Bob James Westchester Lady. Bob James is one of the most influential musician around. Ask Hip Hop producers, they are going to confirm that. Anyway, let the music speak….. 



Adam F – Circles

Adam F on this track: 

I guess my first big break was a track I did called “Circles” – it had a Bob James sample in it, a classic jazz funk groove. Everyone knows “Westchester Lady”. You’d certainly know the track if you heard it. He’s probably one of the most sampled people in hip hop – Bob James – or was at some point – by people like Run DMC… That was a drum and bass track I did that basically blew up over here in England and got me my first recording deal with a major label and got me played on MTV. It got me flown out to the MTV jazz festival in Brazil – and I went on stage after Jamiroquai to play a drum and bass set, but live – completely live. I remember going out there thinking that these people had never heard of drum and bass and they had – and my track had been made into a video. We actually did the video in New York on some mad rooftops in Brooklyn somewhere. That was my first sort of break I guess in the late 90’s.

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  1. cedric says:

    this bob james is wonderfull mister Martini & Jopparelli ’s !

  2. ill-mago says:

    grea tunes from Bob James… that tune is the main reason why Blaxpoitation vol 3 is always in my Ipod rotation….

  3. fash says:

    can someone please tell me wat the main break used is. its the jangly one. in circles. it aint an amen. everyone keeps telling me its an amen. its not an amen!!!! haha. yeh name of original song the breaks from and the artist. will appreciate greatly