2000F & JKamata 9 Hours Monster Mix

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Aug-16-2010

This is crazy, really. A 9 hours mix, I ain’t kiddin. Last year we were like “ok, we’re going on vacation, so check this huge essential mix list while we’re away”. This year we go even further. How many 9-hours mix do you have on your ipod?

Remember when we talked about this couple of dudes from Copenhagen? They were on some crazy vocoder stuff. Now they’re back and they’re still on fire. This thing is something you don’t see every  day: ask your favourite DJ to release a 9 hour mix, and let’s see if he’s down with it.

Here they play a little bit of everything, starting with slow jams, a lot of electronic music classics and some proper 80′s electro music. And then they give you a complete lesson about contemporary electronic music…well check by yourself, it’s all good stuff

The sound of 2000F & JKamata is of both the past, present and future. Fusing jazz, dubstep, boogie funk, ghetto bass, uk funky, and deep house of the 70′s, 80s, and onwards with a bass-heavy, yet soulful twist, the duo has with just a few releases made a huge impact internationally.

Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, 2000F & JKamata are avid collectors of synthesizers, drum machines and records. The love of JKamata is the ghetto bass of the US, whereas the love of 2000F is the UK sounds of dubstep. However, with a shared love of jazz, funk, and soul, the pair  embarked on a musical journey in 2007, combining all of these diverse, yet intertwined, genres. This is the sound of bed sheets and bass.

In 2009, the legendary UK label Hyperdub released their You Don’t Know What Love Is; a tune that did the dubplate rounds for more than two years, showcasing their ability to shape the future sounds of the underground, not only in Denmark but also internationally. Since then 2000F & JKamata has released on Kraken Recordings and Heads Up, and are also working on new material for Hyperdub.

DUKKEHUS MONSTERMIX  – over nine hours long – is their first mixtape together and showcases just a small selection of 2000F & JKamata’s favourite tunes. It is part of the RAW TAPES series and is available online now.

So put on those satin bed sheets and adjust your subwoofer to maximum volume. This is your nine 1/2 hours in the dollhouse.


(re-upped 2012: if previous link doesn’t work, try HERE)

4 Responses to “2000F & JKamata 9 Hours Monster Mix”

  1. guantanamo b says:

    wow that’s something else
    gret tracklisting…

  2. Skizz says:

    HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been waiting to try and get my hands on this, thanks so much, you’re EPIC! MASSSSSSSSSIVE UP YASELF!

  3. GaryGary says:

    Thank you sooooo much for reuploading this 9hour set on Megaupload!

  4. joppa AKA Arthur Jopparelli says:

    @everybody: you’re welcome and thanx for visiting! peace