2000F Degrees Of Bass

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. May-30-2009

Well, after my rant about contemporary hip hop being so boring, let’s move to other places, let’s take a breath of fresh air in club music. Yes indeed, another massive Dubstep mix session, this time by a guy not from London , not from USA, but yessir, from Copenhagen. OHOI! crew, respect.

natasjia disc

Remember that post where i stated “2000F is one hell of a remixer”. You don’t remember it? Guys, you’re not following me! Anyway, dude proved it once again with this excellent mixtape, infused with some reggae, some hip hop and some of those crazy innovative sounds that are making dubstep so big worldwide. So big that even Snoop recently rapped on a Dubstep track (remember Chase and Status’ “Eastern Jam”? The one we have in the video sidebar…the result is nothing special anyway).

2000Fpic22000F developed his own sound, a sound that everybody heard in the groundbreakig tune “You don’t know what love is”, showcased by Hyperdub label mate Joker from Bristol in his most famous sets, like this one here, it’s the fist song:

Mary Anne Hobbs – Joker & Nomad live mix Generation Bass Radio 1

That tune is jaw-dropping, so 80′s. In this age of auto-tune, finally someone is usingthe original talkbox and 808 drums in the proper way (take note, Kanye). They took it back to Zapp, while the rest of the world keeps sounding like this guy. Let’s take a look at the great funkateer Roger Troutman (RIP) in full effect:

I can make you dance live

Well, lets get back to us. Do you see these two guys here? Prepare to hear them using all their synths together. Dropping tons of bass in your system. Tracklist and download link are below.


Listen Copenhagen gettin busy! 2000F mix for GetDarker.

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  1. eric says:

    I wish I could agree that dubstep is a breath of fresh air. I’ve been a fan of dubstep for about 5 years now, but I have noticed that I rarely feel the desire to revisit any particular dubstep tracks. I feel the genre is somewhat impersonal and that it relies too heavily on the wobble bass. And if you take away the wobble, the drum sounds are pretty synthetic (which complements the wobble, but doesn’t sound all that great by itself, imo).

    To me, dubstep is like candy. At first I enjoy it, but the pleasure wears off quickly. That said, I’m not hating. I just feel dubstep is more limited than people realize. People talk about dubstep like it is the future, but the future is not wobble. And unfortunately right now dubstep still = wobble.

    • Hi Eric, interesting comment as usual.

      On the “dubstep is like candy” thing, I tend to agree because producers put out fresh tracks every week, so I think the majority of the tracks are intended to have a short life. They make dubplates, see if they work in the club, and then they make another.

      But on the other side, I think there are also “classic” tracks from three, four years ago that one might want to pick up and listen again. You don’t forget “midnight request line” so easily don’t you?

      About wobble, that’s what tracks are based on, so if you take it away of course you have a wack track. And you’re right, it’s knd of a limitation. But that applies also to other styles of electronic music, and if jungle/drum and bass lasted 20 years I don’t see the reason why dubstep shouldn’t.

      Also, there are a number of new tracks around, big tracks in terms of success, that don’t rely so heavily on wobble bass. The 2000F/J Kamata cited here is one. Joker also has a lot of that stuff. New styles are coming out. I think there is still potential. But of course, we’ll see in a few years.

      You can bet as soon as Dubstep becomes boring and repetitive, I’ll jump on the next thing, that’s sure! (Or go back to the old stuff more realistically)

  2. Antonio says:

    On a side note, autotune and vocoder (the effect that Roger used so well and that is used on the youtube video as well) are two different things and they are intended to give different results. I personally prefer the vocoder like you, of course, but that’s not the point.

  3. Antonio says:

    As far as I understand, the vocoder is some sort of mean to create a “robotic” voice, while autotune just keeps your voice in tune with the melody.
    The first one relies on the modulation of a voice signal (via midi, normally), while the second one has some sort of tecnology which reads the tune of your voice and “autocorrects” it. Obviously a good singer that can carry the tunes, needs small amounts of autotune (Akon is a better singer than T-Pain, for example, so the correction is minor and Akon’s voice sounds less artificial than T-Pain’s).
    There is obviously no need to tell you that autotune is abused. 99% of the hip hop hits, nowadays have got autotune singing, and I find it really annoying.
    On the other hand, that office video on vimeo is hilarious…

  4. vocoder can change the key of the voice too, if connected to a keyboard.
    And i think what Roger Troutman is using is actually a third device, called talk box.
    But there are not exact “borders” between the 3 devices, especially nowadays since is all made trough software.

  5. “Akon is a better singer than T-Pain, for example, so the correction is minor and Akon’s voice sounds less artificial than T-Pain’s”

    Not sure about that. It sounds more artificial because they want it to sound that way. Auto-tune can correct the note without changing the voice if needed.

    They (modern rappers and R&B singers) want to change the voice because they are trying to make a “style” out of it. But of course, having no talent, they always end up sounding like the office guy of the video.

  6. djmp45 says:

    i think the difference is that roger troutman can actually sing and dont go out of tune, while rnb b.s.singer use autotune cause they cant sing.
    also that use of autotune was made big first by cher in that bloody awful song i cant remember and that’s shitty enough.
    the zapp video is wicked and strangely i quite liked that joker tune as well

  7. Antonio says:

    Not sure about that. It sounds more artificial because they want it to sound that way.
    True, but Akon has used different digrees of autotune. T-Pain always goes for heavy autotuning because he cannot sing really. And that has become his “style”.

    But there are not exact “borders” between the 3 devices, especially nowadays since is all made trough software.
    Vocoder and talk box are different devices, but they are pretty much the same thing (carrier, modulator and so on). As for autotune and vocoder, I have them both in my computer, and you cannot correct the intonation of a voice using the vocoder/talkbox, even if you can change the pitch. And It’s impossibile to do the T-Pain style using just the vocoder. You have to use Antares Autotune (or AVOX, which is pretty much the same thing).

  8. “bloody awful song i cant remember”



    Terrible song….but ahead of his time apparently. (Or T-Pain is late 10 years, more realistic)

  9. Antonio says:

    Haha! The wife of my boss in Southampton used to hate it too. I think it was ok, in retrospect… I mean, it’s less awful than a lot of Britney Spears-Justin Timberlake pop, as far as I am concerned. Compare it to Womanizer, for example.
    Also, did Cher not use autotune on at least another song, after Believe?

  10. djmp45 says:

    once hip hop artist were inspired by funk, soul , reaggae and weird german electronic music, now by cher…this is sad…really

  11. @ Antonio
    As I said, connecting the vocoder (or a talk box) to a keyboard and playing it live while singing can change the keys of your voice, and that’s what Roger Troutman is doing. The vocoder “alone” can’t usually do that, you are right. Also true that the Antares plugin is what is responsable of the T-Pain sound. I don’t know if he can sing or not.

    stop hating on Kanye.
    I am not totally sure Joker has something to teach him about how to program a drum machine… and the live at the “VH1 Storytellers” made me partially change my opinion about his last album.
    He used less autotune and explained the reasons behind the album “shape”.
    Listen to this, to me is a crazy song arranged this way:


    (warning: not supposed to be listened trough pc speakers)

  12. Antonio says:

    ^^ Maybe I was not clear, I only meant that, keyboard or not, you cannot achieve the same effects as Autotune with the vocoder or talkbox (even with a keyboard as a modulator).
    As for DJ MP45, I don’t really believe that anyone in hip hop has been inspired by Cher, so there is nothing to be sad…
    Also, there have been really bad hip hop tunes before the autotune. The only problem with autotune, as far as I am concerned, is that EVERYBODY is using it, and the songs sound all the same.
    As for Kanye, despite the fact that his last album was crap, he is still a much better producer and musician than Joker (see, I agree with you, Magic?). There cannot be any comparison, really.
    One last thing. It’s not the plug-in, it’s how you use it. I think “Sexual Seduction” by Snoop Dogg, which uses the talkbox (and NOT the autotune), is a very bad song, for example…

    • “As for Kanye, despite the fact that his last album was crap, he is still a much better producer and musician than Joker (see, I agree with you, Magic?). There cannot be any comparison, really.”

      It’s like comparing the sound of the future with the sound of MTV, there cannot be any comparison, really!

      Headz Aint Ready!

      PS: Minchia Antonio, adesso mi devi difendere Kanye, chi te lo avrebbe mai detto ehehe


  13. I am listening to this http://www.zshare.net/audio/608419806dcc6c88/
    with my Bose (not professional as what you probably own, but it’s what I have) and it sucks! Really sucks!

    I will try later with my pc speakers, maybe it will sounds better :)

  14. @Everybody
    eat my dick no homo and check the new header! ;)

  15. Antonio says:

    PS: Minchia Antonio, adesso mi devi difendere Kanye, chi te lo avrebbe mai detto ehehe

    Attacco i suoi atteggiamenti e le menate quando si comporta da presuntuoso o si veste in quelle maniere orribili e fa la checca isterica per le cazzate, però, a parte i suoni di batteria un po’ “fini” (a volte) l’uomo il talento ce lo ha eccome… E anche se mi costa lo devo dire! :-)
    Per quanto riguarda il suono di MTV, sarà vero, ma lui lo è diventato campionando il soul, mica le cazzate a là Puff Daddy. Di sicuro lui è uno di quelli col suono attuale. Vedremo se Joker sarà il futuro. Io non ne sono tanto sicuro.

    P.S.: se mi sentirete mai difendere Lil’ Wayne, invece, sparatemi! :-D

  16. fritzthecat says:

    Nice mix, I much prefer it when you praise the new sounds! ;-)

    @eric: I agree with Joppa, like all club music dubstep is stuff which is churned out week after week, in a few years when something else will come alng it will sound repetitive and derivative, and a few years further down the line people will come back to it and start rediscovering the obscure gems no-one is paying attention to now. It’s the way of all music styles, from psychedelia to disco to “golden age” hip hop to dubstep.

  17. 2000F says:

    Ez mates,

    thanks for the props – nice one!

    We used a talk box for “You Don’t Know What Love Is”. This is NOT made with software. We used the exact same synth as Roger Troutman, the Yamaha DX100.

    Vocoder is yet another thing, and it doesn’t have to be made with software.

    Auto-tune is a third thing and is entirely made with software.

    All three options give very different results. A talk box sound quite different to a vocoder and vice-verca. :)

    • Thanx for enlighting our confused minds…. and props for using the original Troutman machine of course. That is really cool.

      I will correct the post ASAP as I dont like having incorrect information on my blog.

      Nice to know that you liked the post anyway.


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