They’re Back! Son Of A….

Our long-time followers know that we are huge Camp-Lo fans here at M&J’s. So when I saw this video yesterday on Nah Right i was on cloud nine. They’re back, [...]

Ultimate, Ultimate, Ultimate!

KABOOM! Good news folks! DJ Superix just informed us that he is giving away for FREE his legendary mixtape based upon the Ultimate Breaks And Beats. See Original post HERE. [...]

M&J Summer Edition: Mizell Brothers On Wax Poetics Radio

As a huge fan of the Mizell Brothers sound, I gotta post this nice podcast for y’all. This one comes straight from the Names You Can Trust page: go visit [...]

Roots Of Dubstep Still Strong

On 2009-07-15, Hatcha & Crazy D had the orginal Ghost Crew, J Da Flex and EL-B in the studio. Time passes, but the guys who invented Dubstep, are still puttin [...]

Janko Nilovic & Dave Sucky declared war to the Auto-Tune

Not my usual 5 breaks post. Only one this time but is the one you will hear a lot in the next months. So…don’t complain! Listen to Janko Nilovic & [...]

Camon’ give me a Break (part 15)

1 Billy Preston – You Are So Beautiful Royal Flush – Worldwide 2 William DeVaughn – Be Thankful for What You Got NWA – 8 Ball Intelligent Hoodlum – Back [...]

Soulman – The Truth Is Forever

Soulman, the king of breaks did it again. One hour mix of incredible stuff, weird, ruff, 60′s and 70′s rock-psych records. Producers, listen and take note. Hip hop fans, see [...]

Quasimoto “Axe Puzzles” + Mel & Tim “Keep the Faith” + Jay Z “The Prelude”

First of all, I just heard that Florida had a song sampling some italian 90′s commercial-dance music aka the lamest music ever: what-the-fuck. Mel & Tim are from Holly Springs, [...]

Camon’ Give Me a Break (part 14)

1 Trouble Funk – Pump Me Up Public Enemy – Fight the Power EPMD – Funky Piano Run DMC – Not Just Another Groove LL Cool J – Rock the [...]

Camon’ Give Me a Break (part 13)

1 Lata Mangeshkar – Thoda Resham Lagta Hai Truth Hurts ft Rakim – Addictive 2 Cartola – Preciso Me Encontrar G-Unit ft Mavado – Let it Go 3 The Propositions [...]

Extravaganza Selection! 25 Songs You Need To Listen.

Back to music selections, literally! It’s been a long time since we don’t give you a playlist, so here it is: a bunch of tunes i’m feelin right now. As [...]

Camon’ give me a break! (Part 12)

1 Alain Goraguer – Terr et Tiwa Quasimoto – Come on Feet Big Punisher – Boomerang 2 Focus – Focus III Outkast – Wheels of Steel 3 Moody Blues – [...]

Pharoah Sanders With Lonnie Liston Smith – Live in Nice (France), 1971

I’m not the original ripper of this precious radio recording from 1971. I wasn’t even born in 1971 to be honest, so first of all props to Sriambre -this is [...]

Camon’ give me a break (Spanish Fly Edition)! Part 11

1 Fania All Stars – Cha Cha Cha Blackalicious – Making Progress Kool G Rap – My Life 2 Walter Wanderley – Summer Samba De La Soul – Supa Emcees [...]

A Smooth Mix To Celebrate 2 Years Of M&J!

Yes kids, straight after the 500.000 hits celebration, here we are with another one: it’s our Birthday! 2 Years of MusicSelections with your fav selectors, Martini & Jopparelli! To do [...]

Camon’ give me a break (Cinematic Edition)! Part 11

1 Annie & Orphans – It’s the Hard Knock Life Jay Z – Hard Knock Life 2 Francis Lai – Search for Janny (Theme from Love Story) Alkaholiks – Next [...]

Too Hot Not To Handle aka RZA @ Hot 97 (1995)

Hot hot hot! It’s god damn hot! It’s a hot summer…and I am definitely lazy! Basically not the perfect period to stay in front of my laptop… That’s why I [...]

Dipset + Just Blaze + Major Harris : ‘I Really Mean It’

I’m going to  Portugal for a couple weeks, want to leave you with some good-old-days-break-oriented post, like we used to do. I know just reading the name ‘Dipset’ on this [...]

Plastician’s Flying Daggers

A very cinematic tune by Plastician. This could have been an option for Mr. Kubrick… From his album on Terrorhythm label, this killer tune samples the main theme from the [...]

DJ Superix Interview

DJ Superix Interview

[Jopparelli] Few months ago, we came across a fantastic mixtape of 90′s hip hop remixes and b-sides…just the way we like it. We were quite surprised to find out that [...]

DJ Nes Interview

[slideshow id=2089670227115824683&w=426&h=320] Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, can I have your attention please? Today I am very pleased to introduce to you our second interview. The man in charge [...]

From the desert to the town I’m back with ya favourite sound aka Camon’ give me a break part 10!

From the desert to the town I'm back with ya favourite sound aka Camon' give me a break part 10!

and the tallest building in the world: Just to give you an idea: 1 Commodores – Brick House Foxxy Brown ft Method Man – Ill Na Na Lords of the [...]

Deconstructing a classic: Shook Ones part II

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t like this song? I don’t think so. Playing Shook Ones Pt II is like playing ‘Sirius’ by the Alan Parsons Project before a [...]

Main Source ‘Vamos a Rapiar’ / Vicki Anderson ‘Message From The Soul Sisters’

One of the first posts turned up from your favourite music blog…forget about it :) ! 2006 October 14th, i’m sure our aficionados got this solid in their mind. Today [...]