Time For Some Reggae! Shanty Sound Selection

Summer is coming and my two posts about essential reggae tunes were a huge success: so why not puttin some more Reggae on this site? Lately we’ve been busy with [...]

The Mighty Pow Pow Movement

Two years ago I saw the Pow Pow Movement for the first time and I was very impressed about the energy and the power of their performance. It was a [...]

Nas: One Love (Reggae RMX by IlMago)

  This is a little preview of a mixtape I am preparing: ‘The golden album.’ The reason behind the title is simple: this mixtape will be all about golden era [...]

Camon’ give me a break! Part. 3

Reggae Style! Don’t forget to check part 1 & part 2 1 Augustus Pablo – Unfinished Melody Quasimoto – Good Morning Sunshine 2 Max Romeo – Chase the Devil Jay [...]

Rototom Sunsplash 2007!

FESTIVAL TIME! I’ve been to the Rototom Sunsplash final weekend. Italy’s (and maybe Europe’s) greatest reggae festival, highly recommended if you love reggae. The festival was great as always, but [...]

25 Essential Reggae Tunes – Part 2: Some Old Grooves

Summer is coming, some of you asked for more reggae, so here it is!! Last time i gave you some of the most played reggae tunes. But as i said, [...]

25 Essential Reggae Tunes

Ok, let’s continue in our mission of spreading reggae vibes for people who still don’t even imagine how good reggae music can be. Hip hop would not exist without reggae, [...]

A ride on the Stalag Riddim

A ride on the Stalag Riddim

When I first heard Mad Lion It was in the 1995. At that time Reggae was not my thing. Ok I was into Bob Marley, as everybody knows Marley. To [...]

Lee Scratch Perry and Al Green: reggae meets soul

It is 4 o’clock in the morning here in italy, i just came home from a big reggae night and i’m the right mood to give you a taste of [...]

James Brown / Brentford All Stars / Eric B & Rakim

James Brown / Brentford All Stars / Eric B & Rakim

Studio One is probably the most important label in Jamaican music. The Brentford All-Stars were the Studio One house band. They were named after Brentford Road, the street were the [...]

Introducing Mr. David Rodigan: the Gentleman Rudeboy

It is time to put some serious reggae music in this blog. We deeply love reggae music and we want to share this passion with all blog fellas. The best [...]

Madlib – Blunted in the bomb shelter mix

Time has definitely come to give you some great Reggae, another type of music we are in love with but despite that we have not treat so far. Ok my mistake, [...]

Boogie Down Productions / Yellowman

As we all know, Hip hop was born in the Bronx. But its roots can also be tracked down to jamaica, where dancehall dj’s and singers used to rap over [...]