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25 Tunes For Your Mind: Chosen People Selection

Hey, it’s been a while since we dropped our infamous “25 songs” type selections. Call it as you prefer: selections, playlists, suggesting good music. At the end of the day, [...]

Extravaganza Selection! 25 Songs You Need To Listen.

Back to music selections, literally! It’s been a long time since we don’t give you a playlist, so here it is: a bunch of tunes i’m feelin right now. As [...]

A Quotable Selecton by Marty

A Quotable Selecton by Marty

This time I want to give you something different. When I was a kid, in my high school period, I used to have a reduced accessibility to music. Like everyone [...]

Funky Flute Fighters AKA A Flute-Based Funky Selection

The flute is one of the most ancient instruments, straight from the roots of human music. Its sound is pure, warm and magic…We already talked about a true master of [...]

Back in Town Bringing African Sound – 21 Essential Tunes

Yeah, I’m back in town like Rufus Thomas and I am ready for a new long season here at Musicselections. We are going to deliver you more music, more knowledge, [...]

25 Essential Reggae Tunes – Part 2: Some Old Grooves

Summer is coming, some of you asked for more reggae, so here it is!! Last time i gave you some of the most played reggae tunes. But as i said, [...]

25 Essential Reggae Tunes

Ok, let’s continue in our mission of spreading reggae vibes for people who still don’t even imagine how good reggae music can be. Hip hop would not exist without reggae, [...]