DJ Nuts Live Session!

DJ Nuts Live Session!

Classy mix from DJ Nuts. It’s a very smooth selection of Jazz, Breaks and Brazilian music that gives you a fabulous overview of different artists and creative talents from all [...]

25 Jazzy Tunes For Your Summer

Here we are with another chapter of our world famous “25 tunes” music selections. This time we are focused on classic Jazz and Soul sounds from the past. I picked [...]

Grant Phabao and Djouls – 21st Century Afro Extravaganza

What a great mix guys. You got all that you need in this session: Ethio – Jazz , Afro Beat, Afro Funk and…Latin stuff. That’s a musical paradise for Mr [...]

What’s New For Fall?

We are not posting very often in the last period here at M&J. That’s a fact! You know…summer is not the season you want spend in front of your laptop. [...]

The Har-You Percussion Group: Sounds Of The Ghetto Youth from the 60′s

Good music is always surprising. Turns out this incredible Latin-Jazz album from 1965, a milestone classic for DJs and collectors worldwide, was done by 16 to 19 year old students. [...]